Fictional Charlie not so different from real-life Charlie

By: American Decency Staff

Follow the news from the world of entertainment and you are bound to hear about the drug and alcohol induced misconduct of actor Charlie Sheen.  Sheen, the highest paid actor on television, is the star of the raunchy CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Sheen’s record of malfeasance is very long and very public.  Numerous incidents of violent and erratic behavior when reportedly high on drugs and alcohol – including physical and verbal abuse of a now ex-wife and another soon-to-be ex-wife who he threatened last Christmas with a knife to her throat.  His most recent exploit took place a couple of weeks ago in a New York City hotel when police were called to Sheen’s hotel room after a “drunk and nakedâ€Â Sheen went on a rampage destroying the hotel room.  A nude prostitute was found hiding in the bathroom while Sheen’s small children were in a room across the hall. Hearing these reports the adage “money can’t buy happinessâ€Â might come to mind.  For Christians, we know that no matter how much wealth or fame a person has, without the saving work of Christ in one’s life there is no true joy, and a lifestyle like Sheen’s is only a warped attempt to fill the emptiness that only God can satisfy. While Sheen is just one of many entertainers living as a reprobate, there is a reason to mention Sheen’s degenerate behavior.  Whether it’s life imitating art or vice versa, the persona Sheen plays on Two and a Half Men is incredibly similar to Sheen’s own life.  This fact alone should tell you the show is not fit for viewing. Two and a Half Men revolves around Sheen’s character, also named Charlie, who is a middle-aged womanizer who drowns his sorrows and his shallow joys in alcohol.  Each week his extremely heavy alcohol use is played for laughs.  However, the “womanizingâ€Â aspect of the show is what is the most extreme.  From prostitutes to group sex, Two and a Half Men glorifies all forms of perversity.  Fictional Charlie’s regular use of prostitutes is an on-going storyline.   The misogynistic themes portray women as nothing more than objects to be used for sex and then discarded for the next one. Seemingly no crude or depraved sexual act is off limits for this show.  A recent episode centered on the theme of masturbation with countless vulgar and explicit references.  The same episode showed Charlie dating a woman who has a 20 year old daughter.  Charlie lusts after the daughter, especially after he finds out she engages in ‘threesomes’ and puts herself through college by doing Internet porn.  Charlie says he wants to “nailâ€Â the daughter of his girlfriend and looks up the daughter’s porn website which is used as a masturbatory tool. The most recent episode featured the typical debased content: a bi-sexual act between two women, explicit references to prostitutes, erections and masturbation, and a drunken Charlie.  You can see that Fictional Charlie is not so different from real-life Charlie. What Charlie Sheen does in his personal life doesn’t affect us.  However, Two and a Half Men does impact.  It warps the thinking and behavior of those who tune in, which in turn has repercussions for those with whom they interact and ultimately for the culture in which we all live. It seems that anyone with just the smallest modicum of decency and morality would be repulsed by Two and a Half Men.  However, the show has ranked in the top 20 every year since it premiered in 2003.  And Charlie Sheen’s latest headline-making debauchery seemed to only increase his following as the ratings for his show went up following the notoriety, as Hollywood Reporter states: “There's no such thing as bad Charlie Sheen press. Two and a Half Men climbed in ratings Monday night following a week of ongoing rumors and controversy surrounding the CBS star, proving once again that viewers shrug off his tabloid-headline habits. “Men (13.6 million viewers, 4.7 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) was up 7% for an episode titled ‘The Crazy B—h Gazette.’  …â€ÂÂ However, while millions tune in for this soul-corrupting darkness, we are called to oppose it – shedding light and being a voice in the wilderness. One way you can do so is to urge the advertisers of Two and a Half Men to pull their sponsorship of the show. Take Action! Click below to contact the companies that help keep Two and a Half Men on the air. ======================================================= A classic resource available as short supply lasts: “The Holiness of Godâ€Â by R.C. Sproul. 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