Boost Mobile, a Sprint/Nextel subsidiary, airing an animated ad depicting “Mrs. Claus” cheating on “Santa”

By: American Decency Staff

boostmobileBoost Mobile, a Sprint/Nextel subsidiary, airing an animated ad depicting “Mrs. Clausâ€Â cheating on “Santaâ€Â Contact info below — Last week we informed you of the raunchy “Frosty the Snowmanâ€Â ads CBS produced to promote the upcoming airing of the “Frostyâ€Â cartoon.  The lewd ads contained dubbed in pornographic dialogue from two of CBS’s filthiest shows. (for more information see: And now Boost Mobile, a Sprint/Nextel subsidiary, is airing an animated advertisement that depicts “Mrs. Clausâ€Â cheating on “Santaâ€Â by having an affair with a snowman.  Mrs. Claus and the snowman are shown canoodling in bed together as the snowman suggestively says, “So dirtyâ€Â and she calls him “Nasty boy.â€ÂÂ Â  The Boost Mobile (Sprint/Nextel) ad has “Mrs. Clausâ€Â justifying and trivializing the sin of adultery, stating: “You think this is wrong?  Santa’s busy and I have needs.  I’ll tell you what’s wrong – cell phone plans with contracts that cost a fortune.   That’s why I got Boost Mobile…â€Â Boost Mobile tells viewers that one’s so-called “needsâ€Â trumps right and wrong. "In those days … Everyone did what was right in his own eyes."   Is that not what we are seeing today? As we said last week, while Santa and Mrs. Claus have nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas, Boost Mobile, in using such disgusting advertising mechanisms, is making these children’s characters into symbols of perversion while sending a message of the acceptability of adultery to viewers young and old alike. Contact Boost Mobile (Sprint Nextel) and let them know that you are outraged over the perverted themes in this appalling ad associating lewdness and adultery with the innocence of childhood. Click here to contact Contact Boost Mobile (Sprint Nextel) and send a prepared email to Sprint/Nextel decision makers: The complete mailing list for Sprint Nextel including phone number, etc., is listed below: Contact Boost Mobile/Sprint: Sprint Nextel Corporation Daniel Hesse – CEO, President, and Director 6200 Sprint Pkwy. Overland Park, KS  66251 Phone: 913-624-6000 Toll Free: 800-639-6111 Email: Email: ========================================== To support this ministry: Solid December support has always been key to this ministry.  This year is no exception.  This December we have no match challenge to extend to you having met a challenging summer match grant of $15,000.   Yet, I would like to ask you to help us reach a goal of $50,000 for December!   With God's grace and help, together we can reach this realistic figure and be strengthened as we begin what promises to be a year of significant embattlement! We have received gifts totaling $14,200.85 toward our goal! American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 ph: 231-924-4050

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