A behind the scenes warrior now in Heaven

By: Steve Huston

homeIn recent days, Jan and I went to a memorial service of a Grand Haven man just a few days short of his 67th wedding anniversary.

He was a humble man.   He and his wife have lived in their current home since 1944. I’ve been to that home. It was no mansion merely a modest home where loved abounded.

One person after another came to the microphone (most of them in tears) testifying to the goodness of this man of God.  A former neighbor boy talked of how David Cleveringa had befriended him and shared Christ with him.  He said “he led me to Christ at that altar right there.”

Jan whispered “It says a lot when the grandkids have tears.”  There were tears!

Mr. Cleveringa didn’t die a wealthy man.  There were no headlines in the newspapers trumpeting the great accomplishments of this humble man of God merely the gathering of a number of people who had been impacted by David and his wife.  They worked with the youth for some twenty years.  David was a positive influence/leader in men’s ministry for a number of years.   This inspite of the trials and tribulations of life, and like most of us, there were many. Yet, he always had a positive word for the Lord and His goodness in his life.  There were no trophies here on earth for his excellence but there will be a great reward in Heaven for David Cleveringa.

There is a great divide separating those like David Cleveringa who have built their house on the solid rock and those who have built upon sinking sand. May God open our eyes that we may see and open our ears that we may hear, know and live in the shelter of the Rock!


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