Expressions of concern regarding J.C. Penney

By: American Decency Staff

… If stores like you give up their family values and try to become like Victoria’s Secret (which I would not buy from if I was naked) where will it end. Our families are already in enough trouble without help from reputable companies like you. …” Personal note: J.C. Penney is a company with Christian roots. However, we have been slowly but surely noting a trend towards using explicit images in their advertising. Note below what others are saying. Express your concern to J.C. Penney as well. Disclaimer: This very large wall display was prominent in their lingerie section this past Christmas season. Expressions of concern regarding J.C. Penney Dear Folks, I have sent a letter to JC Penney letting them know this 40 yr customer will never spend another dime. I always thought of Penney’s as a family store – dumb me !! The ad included in my Sunday Paper was at least soft porn – 10 yrs ago it would have been considered really bad stuff. How disgusting does advertising have to become in our Sunday paper before someone puts a stop to it ?? This is not free speech when I have to censor my newspaper before youngsters arrive. When you offend me you have stepped over the line . I sent a letter last summer when their back to school sale paper made elementary girls look like street walkers. I asked how many Penney execs sent their young daughters and /or granddaughters to school looking like hookers. Didn’t Brittany Spears prove the result of indecent dress? Yours truly Lynda Long Uniontown, PA __________________________ My letter to J.C. Penney: I am a Privilege Platinum credit card holder, and I am extremely upset by the increasingly bold and sensual advertising by JC Penney. Recently, an ad in our local newspaper showed a large picture of a model in a bra on the front page of the Penney’s ad. The recent television ads showing models before mirrors in lingerie is provocative and cannot be labeled anything other than pornography. I have personal experience with youth struggling with pornography and it began with viewing lingerie ads on television. Print, television and web site photos have gone way over the line of decency. Please do something about the portrayal of this extremely provocative advertising. Thank you. A.S. Bellingham, WA —————————————— Just wanted to send you a copy of the email I sent to JC Penney. I buy nearly all our clothes from them which amounts to several hundred dollars a year. Will let you know if and when they answer. It will probably be a form letter. L.K. For years, as you can see if you look up our accounts, I have shopped JC Penney. When Sears stopped it’s catalogs you gained 100% of my business as most of my shopping is done by catalog or online. I seldom frequent a store except when I need to have something tried on or need it now. I do shop at the furniture store. However, I am shocked and disappointed to see you lowering your standards and your good name by using sex to sell your products. They stand on their own merit and don’t need sex to sell them. My husband and I are trying to raise our teen boys to respect women. The TV ads are awful. I am embarrassed for them to see them. You have really let me down and I may have to consider finding another store to put my confidence and business in. If stores like you give up their family values and try to become like Victoria’s Secret(which I would not buy from if I was naked) where will it end. Our families are already in enough trouble without help from reputable companies – like you. Thank You. L.K. Loganville, GA As a potential customer, help hold J.C. Penney accountable and urge the company to stop using blatant sexual imagery in advertising. J.C. Penney Corpporation, Inc. Myron E. Ullman III – Chairman and CEO 6501 Legacy Dr. Plano, TX 75024-3698 Phone: 972-431-1000 Fax: 972-431-1362 Email: Sample letter: In the past J.C. Penney has had a dependable reputation as a company that millions of families were happy to shop. “A good name is to be chosen rather than gold or riches.” J.C. Penney now seems to be on a path of tarnishing its good name by the degrading use of sexual imagery to sell products. Recently your company increasingly has foisted erotic images into the public market place. From the erotically posed cleavage-baring lingerie cover of a recent newspaper catalog to the television ads of women parading in bras and underwear selling “a sensual indulgence”. There is a tasteful way to sell lingerie without the unwelcome exposure of sexually provocative images upon children and adults. You have lost my confidence. Sincerely, .. ================== American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050

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