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A short testimonial and a request from a young woman from Illinois My name is R.H.(editor’s note: protecting the writer’s anonymity). I live in a recovery home with twenty other women, all trying to change their lives. Better yet, some have recently received Christ. Some are cleaning up their lives to get their children back, while others like myself have been called here by God. I have been saved for two years but have not had an easy time staying in the Lord. But I thank God for his grace and his patience. I’m not sure where this email is going. This address was attached to a beautiful email about a wonderful book [The Pursuit of Holiness] that I think would be greatly received by some of the newest members of God’s family, the ladies in this program. God is working in my life, in a major way since I came to this home and I am truly grateful for this place. If I could give something back, it would really be a blessing. My email is as follows with my address R.H. Rockford IL Wherever this goes I pray that you be blessed! And thank you for your time. ADA note: The desire of this woman to know more about the Lord is a great joy! We have sent her the book and will be following it today with an email of encouragement – letting her know that we are praying for her and the others at the recovery center. We continue to offer this book free of charge. See details below. ================= Personal note: In the early part of this year, several teens approached me and my wife with the thought of having a Bible study together. It was recommended by a young lady in her mid twenties that we use Jerry Bridges book “The Pursuit of Holiness.” Jan and I were pleasantly surprised that this is the direction that these youth wanted to pursue. We started off meeting on Friday nights but switched to Sunday during the summer months. We continue on faithfully! This book is a tremendous study. The chapters are concise and meaty but readable. The little book has study questions for each chapter. As Christians, our Lord calls us to “pursue holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.” [Hebrews 12:14] A tremendous way to study over a period of time God’s great plan for our lives – I urge the reading and study of this book for yourself. And beyond that, I encourage you to bring together a group of people – young and/or old – and study and strive together to engage in this life long pursuit – “to be holy for He is holy.” If you would like a free copy, email Kimberly@americandecency.org If you would like multiple copies, we are making them available for $1.00 a piece plus shipping. Here is a quote from Dr. Jerry Bridges book from chapter 12. “The Bible indicates that our thought lives ultimately determine our character. Solomon said, ‘For as he thinks within himself, so he is’ (Proverbs 23:7 NASB). An old well known verse puts it this way Sow a thought, reap an act Sow an act, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character….” Order your free copy today by either emailing Kimberly@americandecency.org or by calling at 1-888-733-2326 To support our work: https://americandecency.org/folder.php?f=donate Let’s encourage one another and strengthen one another to be more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This book is a great tool for this end! American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050 www.americandecency.org

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