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Judy from our office went into the Rivertown Crossing Mall, Grandville, MI (on the outskirts of Grand Rapids) and saw Abercrombie & Fitch’s video promo that shows images like that displayed in its pornographic catalog. Her heart sunk as she saw a young 8 and 12 year old glued to the screen along with a 40 year old who showed no signs of outrage.I am thankful for righteous indignation that is fueled by a love for God, His Word and His people. We can only do what we can do but there is a lot we can do. Abercrombie & Fitch is doing great damage. Soon, I would like to name just a few specific ways in which A&F should be concerning to any parent who cares about children. SEVERAL EXPRESSIONS OF CONCERN REGARDING ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Hi at the Westfield shopping center, in Roseville, Ca, the ABERCROMBIE & FITCH store is now placing those nude girl ads on the outside of the store (where the people who chose not to shop there walk) and its a huge ad for everyone in the mall to see. I choose not to shop there, but just by walking by the store, I am exposed to those ads now. I’ve complained to mall management, but he won’t do anything. He says they are not breaking any laws. What can I do? Thank You D.S. Roseville, CA join me up! ABERCROMBIE SHIRT INCIDENT – Hi Bill: Yesterday at a restaurant here in Colorado I saw the back of a shirt, “Sinner” with a 70 below that. I didn’t know why this teen was wearing it. I thought maybe it was a witnessing t-shirt. He was seated with what appeared to be probably his mother, a young girl about 8 and another teen girl. I decided to go over and witness. I went to the table and looked into the young man’s eyes and said, “you know, I think we’re related”. He looked at me like I was crazy. I told him that I was a sinner too. They all had a good laugh. I looked at the pocket of his shirt in front and it said “Ambercrombie”. My heart sank. I asked the mother and the young man if they knew that this company put out a porn catalog. They both acknowledged it and laughed. The mother said, “oh, they have all kinds of shirts like that”. (I had printed off those hand-outs but did not have any with me.) Apparently Ambercrombie is making a mockery out of sin. Be a part of a team and be one of the many sinners. Feel good about it and have no shame. Maybe you should offer t-shirts saying the same thing as the bumper sticker. It may reach more people especially if people wore them at the malls, etc. Maybe, something like: “Don’t be deceived!” “Buying from Ambercrombie supports Porn”. K.V. Colorado A&F COMING TO ANCHORAGE ALASKA We’ve just learned that A&F plans to open a new store in Anchorage sometime before Christmas. This will be their only store in Anchorage, and possibly all of AK. I’ve printed out your petition and plan to update it (it mentions the Spring catalogue of 2001), but is it possible to contact other members of ADA in Alaska so that we can make a joint effort in fighting this? I’ve never gone beyond letter-writing and phone calls in activism before, and while I feel up to the challenge, I would like to have help in this endeavor. Thanks so much. S.G. A&F Just wanted to let you all know of something I witnessed at an A & F store in Overland Park, KS located in Oak Park Mall. At approx. 4 pm today, August 16 as my children, ages 16 & 13 males and girls ages 11 and 3 passed by, a female store employee, who looked very young in age, was placed at the front of the store wearing, it appeared, only an oversized mens oxford. She was, it appeared, to me imitating a poster located in the front of the store window. I was shocked at this sight. What can we do to put these guys under? I’ll be at the front of the line. Sincerely, T.A. Overland Park, KS A&F A&F marketing is pretty sad. At a restaurant I went to last night, the waitress had on an A&F t-shirt. It said something about being led down the “wrong path” and going skinny dipping. I couldn’t read it very well, as it was a tight fitting t-shirt, and I would have had to made a scene to read it all. But the sad part is that those words did jump out and I can’t imagine how many kids who saw that thought those things must be cool to do if this girl was wearing it on her shirt. Kathryn in Texas A&F INCIDENT IN OKEMOS MI MALL Dear Bill, We returned this week from visiting friends in Lansing who homeschool and have three gradeschool age children. She was telling me about her encounter with A&F at the Okemos (?) Mall. Evidently there was a picture of a nude lady either in the mall or at A & F. She called the DA as well as the company and the mall and other stores. She got nowhere with the DA and argued with him about community standards and choosing to look at something like that and having it thrown into your face. She also told the businesses that if they let that picture stay there they could count on her business going elsewhere. Her husband encouraged her to give it a rest and they have not returned to the mall, although she says she hears the picture has been taken down. She was very upset to have her children see such a sight! … R.H. U.P. Michigan A&F legal Hi: Thanks for your position against Abercrombie and Fitch. Do you know of any current litigation against A & F? Our office is prepared to launch an offensive against A & F, we just need some ammunition. Tennessee

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