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Author: Bill Johnson  


I hear and see an opportunity that seldom comes along that speaks of a need to do what I can.  I urge you to stay with me on this – particularly those in Michigan - but the whole nation needs to watch and listen and follow.

Ever since the end of January, when New York passed radically open ended abortion legislation and Virginia Governor Bob Northam made comments in support of allowing live-born babies to be murdered in abortion providers’ operating rooms, Planned Parenthood and abortion have been in the national spotlight more than usual. With the release of former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson’s biographical film, “Unplanned,” the conversation continued to ramp up.

Momentum is building in the pro-life movement. Hearts have been stirred, minds have been changed. We have the most pro-life president in decades. Things are happening!

So, the phone call that I took from Dr. Bill Bolin last weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.  I hadn’t spoken to Dr. Bolin before he called to fill me in on a venture he is undertaking and has asked the American Decency Association and those in our circle to be a part of.

If you’ve followed ADA for long, you know I don’t often rally our readers and audiences to other organizations’ events, much less an organization which I’ve only been familiar with for a few days, but Dr. Bolin’s movement, “I am 4 Life,” has a simple and forthright mission, he is well spoken of by pastors in his area whom I hold in high regard, and the times are ripe for action against the atrocity of abortion.

So, here is the opportunity that Dr. Bolin and “I am 4 Life” have presented to act against abortion in Bolin’s own words:

“On April 23rd, we are hosting a Rally for Life at the Michigan State Capitol beginning at noon. The Rally will include prayer, worship, instruction, and statements by various pro-life leaders, including comments and encouragement by Lee Chatfield, The Speaker of the House in Michigan. Following the Rally, we will enter the Rotunda and engage in protest against laws like New York’s recent expansion and protection of abortion and the call for a civil and decent discussion about Euthanasia and Infanticide by Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam.


“We are also sending a message of protest against Illinois pending law that not only expands and protects abortion; it contains language that will allow for the imprisonment and fining of medical personnel who render life aid to an unwanted child who survived a botched abortion procedure. We intend to send out a clear message to Michigan Legislators. As we sit, we stand with ALL Legislators who stand for the unborn and all legislation that affords protection for the most vulnerable citizens in Michigan, the unborn. We are also saying on no uncertain terms that we sit in opposition to all Michigan Legislators who oppose the unborn. We want our governing bodies and people including our Governor, Attorney General and anyone else elected or appointed that we who are “Lifers” in Michigan are a force to be reckoned with politically.

“On a personal note, I was a protester in the past before my conversion to Christianity in 1977. We protested police actions, Vietnam Nam, legalization of Marijuana, abolishing Nuclear Power and multiple liberal causes. I am now advocating that we take a page out of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King’s actionable agenda by starting a new expression of Civil Rights in our modern day. 

“I hold a conviction that the rights of the unborn are the modern Civil Rights issue, particularly with the genocidal attack on the Black communities through Planned Parenthood. Last year, there were more deaths by abortion in the Black community of New York than live births. Margaret Sanger’s vision of the extermination of the black race has moved forward. This tyranny of the culture of death must end.”

I encourage you to do your utmost to be with us, American Decency Association,” I am 4 Life”, and other churches and organizations from around the state as we protest the atrocity of abortion.

This is not just any protest.  This has an urgency and timeliness about it that begs for people of faith, who love life (aged, weak, old, crippled, of all colors), to  let those who say they represent us (our government) know that we oppose any similar legislation that may come before them, and send a message of solidarity to the prolife movement in other states.

God has been merciful in regards to our culture’s barbarism. May we lead our society to repentance before His justice comes down upon us!

Will you join with us? 

Tuesday, April 23 at noon
Michigan Capitol Building
100 N. Capitol Ave
Lansing, MI

Call us if you have any questions:  231-924-4050!

This is no time to procrastinate.  Pray on this! And by God’s grace, arise as He leads you.

To support our efforts please click here or mail your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), PO Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412. 

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