"The Push Is On!" Pt. 1
Author: Steve Huston  


How many times have we heard this truth? “This isn’t your father’s Democrat Party anymore.” The same could be said for Republicans I suppose; but no one summarizes the differences between the “old” and “new” Democratic Parties better than The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor: “The old Democratic party championed the working classes, wanted secure borders to protect middle-class union wage earners, and focused generous federal entitlement help on the citizen poor. Civil rights were defined as equality of opportunity for all. …

It was superseded by grim progressives (i.e., radical leftists or communists) who are not interested in a new or fair deal for the middle classes, but instead an entirely different system that redefines everything from the Bill of Rights and the very way we elect presidents and senators to an embrace of identity politics as its first principle.”

These “progressive” Democrats and full blown socialists had been moving fast and freely under former President Obama’s administration; but since the election of President Trump the “fundamental transformation of America” has hit a wall, so to speak. It slowed the Left down when they had expected to continue ripping up the Constitution and America’s foundational principles with alarming speed. Feeling the pushback, they decided that “the push is on.” They need to reverse the will of the people—undermining/vilifying this president and his administration; they need to takeover in 2020—legally or illegally—no holds barred; and they would partner with the devil himself if it meant regaining control so they could carry out their agenda of destroying America by giving up our sovereignty, bringing us into globalist unity.

I’ll only touch lightly upon these points of how the Democrats are showing that The Push Is On. Many things may simply be reminders of what’s been happening; but put them all together and we should be alarmed to see how easily the Left has orchestrated their push to gain and keep control in the next election. The next Democrat president will likely be the last president of a free America and the end of our Constitution.

Delegitimize and vilify to make the Left’s fraud more plausible:  No one on the Left and hardly anyone on the Right believed that Mr. Trump could possibly become President Trump; but from the very moment he did, the vilifying and calls for impeachment were constant. Without precedence, scores of celebrities, other politicians, and the everyday Joe were allowed to make threats against his life, his well-being, and against those who support what he stands for. As for the vilification, much of what the Left accuses President Trump of is what they themselves are guilty of—from racism to Russian collusion. This last statement is well documented in Dinesh D'souza’s films, Diana West’s newest book The Red Thread, and by objectively watching and listening to Democrat politicians themselves.

The border issue:The longer the Left can keep our borders open—allowing illegals to pour in, the more they can push for sanctuary cities/states—giving unconstitutional refuge to the lawless, and the more that they can tie the hands of our ICE agents, the greater pool of voters the Democrats can draw from. It’s been rightly said that if illegals were potential Republican voters, the wall would already be built and the border secured. Even in this, we also find Leftist Republicans to be complicit. President Trump gave a good speech about America never becoming a socialist nation but then signed a Democratic deal, that hamstrings him in his future efforts. We are grateful for much of what he’s done and the stands he’s taken; but such seemingly unwise decisions can’t go unspoken against.

227 of the 233 Democrats in the House voted to allow illegals to vote in our elections:This is insanity; no other country allows such national suicide. These attacks have been happening in certain states, like Texas, already. Such allowances harm American citizens and change the destiny of our country.

They’ve made a huge push to remove the Electoral College:  So far, these ten states have entered into a legal agreement that they will run elections according to the popular vote, rather than the traditional Electoral College system: the District of Colombia, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. These states collectively hold 165 Electoral College votes and are traditionally Democrat. We wrote an article on the importance of the Electoral College that can be found here.

The courts are being filled by Leftist judges that harm America: We see how circuit courts try to block or circumnavigate President Trump at every turn, putting Americans in harm’s way. Here is a recent article by Daniel Horowitz entitled While everyone sleeps, the courts are abolishing all immigration enforcement.

The Left has been pushing propaganda through the media from news to entertainment.Those who would speak out are silenced by either their colleagues or social media giants who are ruled from a Leftist Silicon Valley.

Finally, they have taken over our schools and indoctrinated our nation’s young:Our history has been, by and large, either untaught or rewritten. Socialism and its historical figures are lionized while our founding fathers are vilified. Our law of the Land (the Constitution) isn’t taught and the millennials we see today are the product of such indoctrination, including the demonization of America through the push of an LGBTQ+ agenda that is quickly destroying the moral fabric of our nation.

Why is the push on? The Democrats were well on their way to "fundamentally changing America" as former President Obama had promised. They were ready to embrace globalism full force, doing away with borders, abdicating America's sovereignty before a watching world, high-stepping straight into socialism. For generations they've been indoctrinating our children against America and its founding principles—both spiritually and constitutionally.

In previous articles we’ve shared, in part, their plans to turn the USA into the USSA. With new coming flaming socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) and progressive Islamists like Rep. Rashida Tliab (D-MI) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) no one can deny that Western Civilization is under attack and collapse seems imminent.

What can we do against such great odds?

We’ve gone so far down the cobra’s hole; we a wonder if America will get out alive. Gratefully, if we are in Christ, this world is not our home and we must set our affection on things above (Col. 3). What a great reminder that God is our only hope; He’s our refuge, shield, and help. That being the case, we definitely need to be praying; but we need to put feet to our prayers as well.

The best plan of action is NOT to mock them (as easy and tempting as it may be); that doesn't change the minds of this millennial mindset, and actually it harms our cause. The best plan of action IS to discuss the TRUTH with them. Have the hard discussions without becoming frustrated, angry, or condescending. Remember, their indoctrination makes us seem as dangerous to them as their socialist and anti-Biblical ways seem crazy and dangerous to us. For one example, they’ve been taught that capitalism is evil and socialism has every one’s best interest at heart. The truth is opposite of that as this PragerU video shows. Take time to have several small conversations without giving up. The logic and wisdom of truth won’t undo in one day that which took years to build within them.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these "man on the street" interviews that show most college students in favor of AOC’s New Green Deal. Admittedly they didn't know what it entailed. As the interviewer asked questions and entered into discussion with them, rather than mocking AOC's plan, they found that they didn't agree with many things. Reports show that most are for socialism and against capitalism, but have no clue what either system really means.

The only hope for our nation is to return to the Lord; He is our foundation. As we discuss the truths of Scripture, pointing to Jesus—Who IS the Truth—He will lead us out of the cobra hole and back into light and safety. Discuss the TRUTH; it not only sets people free spiritually, it will be the only thing that sets us free nationally as well.

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