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If you’re not familiar with Diana West you need to be. Author of American Betrayal, The Death of the Grown Up, and now Red Thread, she digs deep and goes wide, searching out the truth to uncover how America has come to these perilous and troubled times. It’s no accident and we’d better wake up.

To better understand this book, let me point you to the Center for Security Policy’s “Book Launch,” an interview between Frank Gaffney and Diana West, and finally a summary of what one can expect to find when they read it.

Diana West’s “Red Thread” Book Launchfeaturing the author and panel of experts can be found here. The experts who will be talking with Diana West include: Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy; Chris Farrell, Director for Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch; and Rich Higgins, Former Pentagon Official Who Served in the NSC Strategic-Planning Office. Don’t miss out on this time of incredible and interesting education from four great minds who understand the threat that has America in its steely grip.

Click here and listen to an incredible interview with Frank Gaffney and Diana West. It’s a must hear!

Below is the Center for Security Policy’s descriptionof Diana West’s newest book, Red Thread.

About The Red Thread:

The first investigation into why a ring of senior Washington officials went rogue to derail the election and the presidency of Donald Trump.

There was nothing normal about the 2016 presidential election, not when senior U.S. officials were turning the surveillance powers of the federal government — designed to stop terrorist attacks — against the Republican presidential team. These were the ruthless tactics of a Soviet-style police state, not a democratic republic.

The Red Thread asks the simple question: Why? What is it that motivated these anti-Trump conspirators from inside and around the Obama administration and Clinton networks to depart so drastically from “politics as usual” to participate in a seditious effort to overturn an election?

Finding clues in an array of sources, Diana West uses her trademark investigative skills, honed in her dazzling work, American Betrayal, to construct a fascinating series of ideological profiles of well-known but little understood anti-Trump actors, from James Comey to Christopher Steele to Nellie Ohr, and the rest of the Fusion GPS team; from John Brennan to the numerous Clintonistas still patrolling the Washington Swamp after all these years, and more.

Once, we knew these officials by august titles and reputation; after The Red Thread, readers will recognize their multi-generational and inter-connecting communist and socialist pedigrees, and see them for what they really are: foot-soldiers of the Left, deployed to take down America’s first “America First” and most anti-Communist president.

If we just give it a pull, the “red thread” is very long and very deep.

This information is vital to understanding the threat that plagues America today. Don’t miss out on listening to these truth tellers and reading Diana West’s new book, Red Thread.You can order it here.

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