A 9-11 Prayer
Author: Steve Huston  


Dear Lord,

Have we learned anything yet? It’s been seventeen years since that fateful day that Your sovereign Hand allowed a terrible terrorist attack on my homeland called America. As I look at the condition of America now and compare it to then I am brought to my question once more, “Have we learned anything yet?”

Our sins against You have only multiplied as we allow the continuance of “legalized” murder to take place under the names of abortion and euthanasia. Transgenderism, homosexuality, adultery, and all manner of sexual sin abounds within the church and without, even encouraging people to identify with their sin rather than the Savior. Instead of humility we portray pride; rather than repentance we chase after ruin. Your church, supposedly representative of the Bride of Your Son, chases after self-gratification instead of striving to please You. Have we learned anything yet?

Instead of drawing closer, Your people are drifting from You. 37% of Evangelical adults don’t believe Your Word to be totally accurate. 45% don’t believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ, is sinless. 52% don’t believe Satan is real and 57% don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. In light of that, 57% also believe that good works gain eternal life. Our nation has forgotten how to fear You; could this be the reason many fear living in holiness rather than fearing to live in sinfulness? In seventeen years we have forgotten much, much more than we have learned.

Instead of fighting the enemy we have invited them and their false god into this nation which you had raised up as a “shining city upon a hill;” only to find that we have shaded that light with sins too numerous to mention and instead of occupying a hill we have plummeted into the depths of degradation. Have we learned anything at all?

Not only do we invite them in but we are embracing the same evil (Shariah law) which, when followed, turned them into the terrorists that attacked our land, killed our people, and changed America forever. We have taught their precepts to our children through education; we’ve given them prominent roles within our government; and we have allowed them to shame us for standing faithfully upon Your Word. This “city on a hill” now has mosques (seats of foreign government) which silhouette our skylines while we tear crosses down for fear of offending someone. Have we learned anything yet?

Have we learned the difference between indignation birthed in pride versus righteous indignation? Do we understand the difference between forgiveness and apathetic acceptance of the past and tolerant surrender of the present and the submission of defeat in the future? Lord, is this what is in store for us? Have we learned brokenness and tears or are we so hard-hearted and gospel resistant that it would take an even mightier movement of God to bring a stiff-necked people to repentance? Have we learned anything yet?

It’s been seventeen years and we’ve forgotten the deep feelings of violation and vulnerability. Father, You saw and heard our politicians declare, “We will stand together to make sure that those who have brought forth this evil deed will pay the price … We will stand with the president. We will stand with this government and we will stand as Americans together through this time,” (House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hastert). Today as you look down upon us, You are not surprised when you see today’s politicians continuing to support terror organizations and hear them speaking at Muslim Brotherhood sponsored charities. Today, there are few who stand with our president—the one You have put in office—and there are fewer yet who are united together and with You, standing against the evil that penetrated our shores those seventeen years ago. Lord, have you wiped our national memory; is that why we don’t remember or learn?

Heavenly Father, I plead for You to search my heart and teach me that I might learn.Teach me well the difference between the holy and the profane, between indignation and righteous indignation, between my will and Your holy will. Help me to learn how best to show Your Truth and Your grace, standing against the enemy yet praying for and working toward their salvation. Lord, look upon my country with Your mercy instead of Your divine and well-deserved judgment, teaching us brokenness and leading us in Your way everlasting. Teach us by experience Your gifts of conviction and repentance, making us one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Oh God, and won’t You please rend the heavens, come down in a mighty way, and revive Your church today.

I humbly pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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