Which Ship Will Sail
Author: Steve Huston  


There are those that would like to see a “Trump America” fail. Do they realize (I fear there are many who do) that this isn’t just for the destruction of President Trump; it’s for the destruction of America! What fool puts a hole in his own boat hoping that sinking it will destroy his opponent? It’s the “fool” who has already fashioned another boat within that of his opponent’s. In other words, it’s a plan to take down our Constitutional Republic in order to establish a socialistic/communist state.

There’s an important fact that must be understood in order to understand what we are seeing in America today. We are no longer one America with two different ways of doing things. We are now two different Americas with two differing sets of values, two antithetical systems of government, two polarized destinations, and two diametrically opposed views of the citizens of this “United” States of America.

This is no longer a difference between Republicans and Democrats because although their platforms drastically differ, their stands, sadly, do not. This goes way beyond partisan politics; although a majority of attackers fall into one party and many others who are complicit fall into another. It’s a difference between the Constitutional Republic that our forefathers handed over to their people and a democratic socialism which will quickly slide into communism, destroying “this last and greatest bastion of freedom.”

We have had a God-given reprieve under President Trump, but make no mistake, this is the battle that lies before us in November. It is a battle of historical importance; the future of our nation is at stake.The enemy fighting “Constitutional America” never sleeps. When they win they march steadily along; when they lose they push forward as they are able. They take the war seriously, fighting for keeps.

Many saw former President Obama as a pawn or inept bungler; he was much more than that. He was a nefarious and seditious fox that had set things in motion so that Hillary Clinton could smoothly continue with the “Hope and Change to radically transform America,” bringing us to our complete destruction.  As  in a burning ship, we would sink into the waves of history while our nation’s citizenry was distracted by divisions, propaganda, and the “Deep State’s” sleight of hand.

From here out the quotes or statistics presented come from an important and concise, albeit lengthy, article written by Steve Baldwin for The American Spectator. “Did Trump Really Save America from Socialism?” was written to lay out the ways that “the Obama administration strategically created the conditions to make its progressive revolution a permanent one.” Because of a Trump win, many of these subversive conditions and traitorous individuals are being brought into the light, exposing the blueprint of death for a free and liberty-loving Constitutional America.

Many of you may be surprised at the Left’s refusal to accept Donald Trump as our 45th president. Such unabated vitriol has never been seen for a sitting president. However, “the onslaught of verbal, legal, and physical assaults the Democrats have engendered, are not specific to Donald Trump. In other words, it is now clear plans were made by Obama to exploit federal power during his presidency to give Democrats control of our nation—perpetually. In other words, if ANY GOP candidate had won the election, what we see now, is what we would have gotten.

Former President Obama has been and is “puppet-mastering” his appointees at the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, State Department, etc. Obama’s appointed individuals within these agencies have been and in some cases continue to be used for the undermining and attacking of President Trump, financial attacks (IRS) against conservatives, and continue to manipulate the narrative, so far as possible, protecting himself and others he used in his governmental web of deceit and agenda driven plan for the destruction of the GOP and “Old-ship America.”

“Even Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, admitted in a CNN interview that ‘It was he [Obama] who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place,’ explaining that it ‘set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.’”

Obama had also been complicit in Hillary’s email scandal, but that’s not the only reason she needed to be protected from indictment. “Hillary had to be exonerated in the private email scandal and an investigation of her pay-to-play foundation had to be avoided, because Obama could not afford to have her indicted in the midst of her presidential campaign. She was essential to continuing Obama’s plan to transform America and permanently keep the Republicans out of power. The Deep State is essentially the group of conspirators Obama assembled to (a) protect Hillary from being indicted, (b) smear the GOP nominee, and (c) ensure Hillary won the presidency.”

Obama’s goal was to weaponize his agencies so as to create the conditions to make it impossible for any Republican to win the presidency again.He also took steps to ensure that 2016 was the last election “in which legal citizens elected the president.”

Let us count the ways: 1) Increase the illegal alien (and largely Democratic) vote and 2) Suppress the military and conservative vote.

Attempts to increase the illegal vote: A. In an interview with Gina Rodriguez, Obama  stated that illegal aliens who vote won’t be investigated by his administration. B.  Obama and Soros work hand in glove to “promote open borders, attack ICE, and make it easier for illegals to avoid arrest.” C. There is a concerted effort to fight any effort that would implement any kind of voter ID system. D. A Soros-funded group “successfully convinced the city of College Park to allow illegals to vote in local elections.” E. Illegals receiving driver’s licenses in various states, thereby making it easier to become registered to vote. F. There was a push to also register felons.

Keep in mind, while all the above was going on, there was also a concerted effort to suppress the military vote. Mr. Baldwin quoted from the Investor’s Business Daily 2012: “Indifference of the administration and the Defense Department will cause a record low military vote this year, particularly in swing states.”

With registering illegals (at least 3 million voted in 2016) and felons to vote, add to that the suppressing of the military and conservative vote, wrap it all up in a nice little Trump “treason” and “collusion” package to be delivered by a complicit media, and that leaves no outcome except for the Left’s socialist utopia.

But… TRUMP WON! That wasn’t part of the equation.

“To be blunt, the plan was for Hillary to win and continue the destruction of the American system of limited government, the rule of law, and the free enterprise system. A Hillary victory would have continued Obama’s agenda of open borders, government control of many industries, a cradle to grave welfare system, and emaciated military and socialist policies that would continue economic stagnation. Future elections would appear to be legit but they wouldn’t be.

“Under a Clinton presidency, she would continue the Obama immigration policies, thereby allowing a few million more illegals to enter the country and would also massively increase Third World refugees who vote heavily Democratic. Indeed, in 2016 she announced that as president she would increase Syrian refugees alone by 550%. Add to this the aggressive federal/state/private voter registration programs targeting these groups and the result would be a boost of Democrat vote numbers probably large enough to keep winning the White House on a perpetual basis, essentially invalidating the will of the legal majority.”

We urge you to recognize that having President Trump in office has only delayed their plan; great damage has already been done to our nation during the Obama years and Constitutional America is ripe for the plunder.

“…Socialists believe in the Marxist theory that capitalism cannot coexist with socialism, hence they are obligated to destroy the free enterprise system and all the cultural traditions that go along with it. It was not a coincidence that the attacks on traditional marriage, the undermining of religious freedom, the promotion of transgendered ‘rights,’ and other issues challenging traditional mores came to a fore during the Obama years. Obama and the progressives seek to undermine America’s cultural traditions because they are linked to America’s Christian and capitalist heritage. Their socialist ideology explains the chaos we find everywhere we look today. Historically, socialists detest free speech, free press, freedom of religion, and other constitutional rights we all take for granted. Just walk down any big city street with a Trump hat on and you will witness the attacks for yourself. Start getting used to it.” For these reasons the socialists have joined forces with the Islamists; but that’s another article for another time.

The above on its own wouldn’t have moved us except for the fact that we’ve apathetically allowed our children to be indoctrinated by a Marxist-loving public school agenda, various forms of media, and an ever-Leftward moving culture for too many decades.

Steve Baldwin’s article holds so much more that should be read, please do.

Literally, it’s do or die time.  All the above is just a small part of what we are fighting against. Even if you read Baldwin’s article, I’m sure “the half has not been told.” Add to that the ever increasing anti-Trump/anti-America pushback propaganda of the socialist/Islamic Shariah-compliant media. Add to that a Republican Party which has been entrusted with protecting Constitutional America but is unenthusiastic about it, refusing to stand with their/our president and allowing the Democrats to get away with all their criminal misdeeds unprosecuted. Add to that an American people who should care about the destination of our country but seem apathetic about it (at best) and at worst push for the new ship USSA (United Socialist States of America) to set sail. Add to that AG Jeff Sessions taking his cues for recusal from Obama holdover Scott Schools for no good reason. Yes, add all these things together and one only begins to sense the kind of trouble we are in.

Will these things move Christians to fall on their face before a holy God and cry out to Him for help? Will such hopelessness cause an angst to well up within us—recognizing how deserving we are of judgment yet pleading for mercy—moving us to pray for a revival to come upon our land?

I pray it will do all these things; yet I pray that it move us to some lesser, albeit important, things. I pray that this will shake some out of their slumbering apathy, moving us to talk about politics and the importance of protecting our liberty. This should move us to talk with our politicians, holding them accountable and showing we care about what is happening to our nation. It should urge us to urge others to contact our representatives about protecting the vote, getting others to vote, and to vote rightly.

We stand at a crossroads in history. By the grace of God will we help to move us back to a Constitutional America or will we sit idly by and watch her sink, sending out a new ship which is doomed for our own destruction.

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