Sleepy Watchmen
Author: Steve Huston  


Watchmen stood on the wall diligently looking for signs of danger. While it’s true that they kept an eye out for whatever peril might come against the city, there was something precious within that city which made them astutely aware, eagle-eyed, and always at attention. Their very own family was safely ensconced within the border of these walls. If they failed in their duty, they were complicit in handing over their loved ones to the enemy.

The primaries are over in Michigan, but we are only one state in this great nation. With at least 90 Shariah compliant Islamists running for office in our country, there are many other states which need watchmen on the wall to blare the warning that this nation is under attack from within. The problem isn’t that we have Muslims running for office; the problem comes from Shariah-adherents with their desire to change our Constitution, what we stand for, and the liberal progressive policies which are designed to destroy our country. Look at Islamic nations where Shariah law and Shariah-adherents are in control. There is a stripping away of women’s rights, an increase in barbarous actions against women, a denial of free speech, and the list goes on.

We must continue to warn on a political level; but it doesn’t stop there. We must continue to stand against those things which are decaying our nation from within. With the Word of God as our standard and the Constitution as the law of the land, we have been a very blessed people; so we must continue to stand guard against those things which would bring us to ruin.

We stand because we care. We depend upon the leading of the Spirit and diligently scour the horizon for the dangers that viciously attack the Word of God, the morals of our society, our nation’s Constitution, and our family. We watch, knowing that many have become sleepy and apathetic; we sound the alarm because we love this country and its citizenry—including our own families.

We blow the trumpet of warning as pornography grows at an alarming rate, taking minds and souls captive in its nefarious snare. We bring to light the darkness which the entertainment industry attacks our children with, numbing them to sin and grooming them for danger. We shout loud and long about the lack of devotion to Christ found within the church. We recognize that other watchmen are asleep on the wall and open the gate doors for the Trojan horse of interfaith dialogue to enter and destroy. Our heads may spin as we see Christian colleges and churches blindly and foolishly bring Imams into their midst, blurring the lines between the profane and the holy; yet we keep looking unto Jesus and realize that He “has overcome the world!” So we fight against letting our hearts be troubled, yet we care deeply about those who are being ensnared and taken captive. We have deep concern; at times, we weep for those who don’t know enough to weep for themselves. We warn of the dangers of Islamic Shariah law and those who are adherents to it, as they run in political races throughout our nation. Yes, we see that this enemy has crept in and the danger is here now. Little girls being brutalized with FGM, honor killings and no-fault rape for females of any age, the First Amendment and our Constitution being strangled and torn asunder by progressives under the name of diversity and tolerance, this and much more IS SHARIAH! Yet these watchmen warnings that we shout fall on deaf ears—with the exception of a few.

We are not complaining; rather, we are warning again. Will you listen? More importantly will you also be a watchman on the wall? Will you be a watchman on the wall for your family?

The embattlements are many and we will grow weary; but by the strength of the Lord, will you fight on? People will ignore you or call you names; will you press ever forward anyway? You will be thought a fool and even your own house may mock you; but for their sake, will you continue? By God’s grace, we shall! Decide now, by the grace of God, that you will be a watchman on the wall—for the sake of the nation and most importantly, for the sake of your precious family.

Puritan, Richard Baxter, gave this solemn word of warning and advice: “Take heed lest the devil do either cast you into the sleep of carnal security, or into such doubts, and fears, and perplexing scruples, as shall make holy obedience seem to you an impossible or a tiresome thing. When you are asleep in carelessness, he can use you as he list; and if obedience be made grievous and ungrateful to you, your heart will go against it, and you will go but like a tired horse, no longer than you feel the spur: you are half conquered already, because you have lost the love and pleasure of obedience; and you are still in danger lest difficulties should quite tire you, and weariness make you yield at last.

Are you a willing watchman on the wall for your family?

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