As you go into the polls keep this in mind
Author: Bill Johnson  

As you go to the polls consider the following link which includes an interview with Philip Haney.

At the Fruitport Gun Owners Club two days ago - an update:


Phil Haney
Patrick Colbeck
Zach Lahring
Jon Bumstead
Bill Johnson (yours truly)

Hugely enthusiastic crowds throughout the long afternoon. 

Phil Haney author of “See Something Say Nothing” shared his experience of being purged from his high position with the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration.

Patrick Colbeck spent a significant time with the gathering answering questions regarding his proposals as he completes his campaigning to become governor of Michigan with the primary election tomorrow August 7. 

Zach Lahring, the organizer of the event, is running for Muskegon County Commissioner and spoke strongly regarding concerns that he had to get Planned Parenthood agendas and influence out of Muskegon County.

Jon Bumstead had a few minutes to discuss his run for Michigan State Senate.  He is a strong advocate for life and the Second Amendment. 

I was given the charge of speaking on Christian Civic Responsibilities. I highlighted a portion of scripture from II Kings 22 and 24 with the following application from the Reformation Heritage Study Bible.

Civil authority is a blessing when it has the courage and convictions to address moral issues with wisdom from God (Prov. 8:12–16; Rom. 13:1–5). We should pray that our leaders will use their authority such that the godly may live in peace and the gospel may be freely proclaimed (1 Tim. 2:1–2) and not give legal sanction to immorality and injustice (Dan. 4:27). Righteousness brings honor to a nation, but sin brings disgrace to a society (Prov. 14:34). Do you regularly pray for the leaders in your national and local governments?

We need to keep this (the above) in mind as we in Michigan go to the polls tomorrow, Tuesday, August 7.  Of course, this has application for all of us in states facing primary elections in the days ahead.

A few other talking points:

I see that Sandy Rios will be discussing the Michigan primary, chatting with Phil Haney, tomorrow morning at 8:15 AM eastern standard time on American Family Radio. (91.7 FM in west Michigan area).  As many of you know, Philip has been traveling throughout Michigan in June and July and into August speaking about why Michigan is being watched by the entire country.

The following links summed up the concerns by United West with Phil Haney and Dick Manasseri:

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