Truth and Morals Going Down the Drain
Author: Steve Huston  


Let’s say you live in a community of 10,000 people. What if 10 of them (0.1%) believed that they have a right to go into anyone’s home and into any room of that home? You’re not allowed any locks for privacy, thereby being forced into a potentially and very uncomfortably intimate, even if not physical/sexual, setting. Although as described, even that is a potential issue. Most people would say, “That’s crazy, the mayor would never allow such a thing. Even if he did, I won’t accept it.” All of a sudden, the mayor does actually force this into law; 10,000 people are now ruled by 10 (that’s only 0.1%). To add insult to injury, this local leader goes on to say that if you don’t like it, you can feel free to move to another city; BUT you must continue to pay your property taxes, sewer, water, and garbage bill. Again, that just doesn’t make any sense, does it? At this point, you, dear reader, may be questioning my sanity for asking you to imagine such a ridiculously impossible and vain thing.

Well, as WND reported last week: “The transgender agenda in public schools, which insists a person’s sex is a subjective matter based on feelings, took a huge step forward this week with a federal judge ruling boys must be allowed to use girls’ rest rooms and showers, and vice versa.” This judge is attempting to wash truth and morals down the drain. As they circle the drain of the shower room floor, so does our nation.

I hear someone asking, “Haven’t we already dealt with this?” Yes, we walked this path once before. President Trump had rescinded the Obama administration’s guidance letter which directed schools that want to continue to receive federal funding to let transgender students use facilities that correspond with their “gender identity.”

Nonetheless, U.S. District Court Judge Marco Hernandez didn’t allow the President’s actions to hinder his ruling at all. He not only gave a ruling which conflicts with President Trump’s previous dealings with this issue, but he offered a preposterous alternative to parents as well. This is what the judge had to say to those parents who don’t want their daughters’ modesty and safety compromised on behalf of 0.1% of the population. “It is within Parent Plaintiffs’ right to remove their children from Dallas [Oregon] High School if they disapprove of transgender student access to facilities,” the judge went on to say, “Once the parents have chosen to send their children to school … their liberty interest in their children’s education is severely diminished.” It’s not the first time I’ve read that our liberties, voice, and control over our children stop at the front door of the public school. Let that sink in!

Being a homeschool dad, I understand the frustration of paying for a public school that I neither support nor use, not to mention the added expenses of buying curriculum and the necessity of being a one income family.  Yes, I know, that’s my choice.

What about these parents that must also choose between the safety, security, and emotional well-being of their children? Is it really a choice at that point? Some would say it is.

Think about this.These government indoctrination centers, which also second as social engineering labs, still affect your family and mine, whether our children attend them or not. For that matter, they affect you even if you have no school aged children.

What the school teaches and refuses to teach affects the children; who, in turn, affect the society in which they go back out in to.

Government schools have removed the Bible and its life-guiding principles from the classroomand have all but banned it from the school. Instead they present radical ideologies (and theologies) which are antithetical to the Word of God, upon which our nation was founded. Biblical truths are important for the soul of society and the souls of our children.

Calling out to God or Jesus in prayer is all but rejected in the public school;yet students are allowed to use these holy names as cuss words and aren’t prohibited from using them in conjunction with other words for the sake of vainness or cursing someone. The school can teach you to call upon the false Islamic God of Allah; but don’t you dare pray in Jesus’ name, Creator of heaven and earth and all that there is.

As the holy has been shoved out to make way for the profane,we have seen an increase of promiscuity, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, the normalization of perversions All these things affect our families and churches as these children spill back out into society daily as the last bell rings. As truth has been replaced by false history, false science, and propaganda, the roots of Marxism and hatred for America’s birth combine with the previous and spread throughout our nation, quickening us to the edge of self-destruction.

Our children are at risk of physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers due to the foolish fodder they are being fed in most public schools.If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and the beginning of knowledge, which it is; and the government run school system denies God and disallows His Word and His commandments to have a normal presence there, which it does; then even for the sake of ease or comfort, why are we sending our children there? Or to quote Pastor Voddie Baucham, “We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans.”

Better judges and legislators might help the situation, but that won’t fix the problem we are experiencing. Still we must vote and vote rightly! But let us vote with our knees as well as with the ballot.

America is in desperate need of revival. Only God can turn our country, society, schools, and homes around. Pray that God would move on the hearts of fathers and children, that Malachai 4:6 might be seen within this once great nation. "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." We will either have the blessing of repentance and revival or we will have a curse. Cry out to God for mercy; cry out to God with your children too. Heavenly Father, turn our hearts to You.

Phil Haney will be speaking in the Holland area on Friday, August 3, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Come hear Phil address the threat of Shariah law; but more importantly he will show how Shariah is already here in Michigan and the danger it poses.  Join us at the New Life Fellowship church located at 12960 James Street, Holland, MI 49424. Bring your friends—convince young adults to join you—tell them all you want for your birthday is a few hours of their time! Phil will introduce them to how Shariah wormed its way into our government and society and then he will address other questions like: Does this leave America vulnerable? Why don’t we see it or feel it here in West Michigan?  Or do we? Today, London police have been ordered to investigate citizens, but to protect Muslims & Shariah.  Could we look like that one day (soon)? What is at stake in the upcoming Primary Election? What can we do? Look for more information to come regarding this informative and important event!

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