What Will You Remember?
Author: Steve Huston  

Remember whenyou were younger and wanted those big-framed glasses that were all the rage, or that popular hair-do all the cool kids had, or the latest clothing style (yay bellbottoms and Saturday Night Fever!)? Now think about the last time you saw yourself in a picture of those things. I can hear some of you laughing/groaning right now and saying, “What was I thinking? Ugh, put that picture away!” We all have things that we have done (or worn) and wish we could go back and undo it, right? Some even wish for a Back to the Future moment where our future self comes back to warn us, “Don’t do it! You’ll regret it!”

In Michigan, as August 7 approaches, it seems there are a great number of people who are tempted to vote for certain candidates because of their ethnicity or religion; others look for a candidate who will give them everything; and still others will be drawn to candidates who promise smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and real solutions to the problems we face. If you live somewhere outside of Michigan your day of opting for these same types of candidates is yet coming. With more than 90 Muslims running for public office and many more Leftist Democrats pushing their Marxist agenda, allow me to be your Back to the Future moment, for a moment—then you go out and find someone else to warn!

Islam isn’t a faith, it’s a political ideology; and Islam's Shariah law is diametrically opposed to Western values and everything we stand for. Many Shariah-adherent candidates have also adopted the socialistic policies of the Left and therefore attract many from the first two groups we just mentioned. After all, to vote for novelty, prove you’re diversified/you’re not Islamophoibic, and get a generous helping of “freebies” to boot—it’s a win/win situation, right? Not so fast; look before you leap—where does this diversified and socialistic freebie road take us?

Nearly half of American millennials would rather live in a socialist society than in a capitalist one; yet many cannot accurately define what either of these two systems is. The simple fact is that socialism leads to misery and destitution. We must warn by history—past and contemporary—pointing to places that once had a rich economy but is now in shambles, like Venezuela. We must warn by logic, using simple examples: If you have a wagon with 10 children, it’s easy for 9 to pull one. As children move from being pullers to being pulled, how long does it take before the wagon cannot move? Reminding them that the government has no money of its own; it takes from the pullers, with its goal being to get more and more kids into the wagon. It’s a system doomed for failure from the start. With that in mind, why do these candidates push such a fatalistic agenda?

As for Shariah-adherence, it leads to lawlessness with a push for sanctuary cities/states, placing Shariah law above Constitutional law, and attacks the personal freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Shariah law already has a stronghold in Michigan, and in all but 22 of these United States (see our previous articles) - we must not give it more strength by casting an uninformed or not well thought out vote. As ex-Muslim Farrah Prudence warned at our recent conference: “Voting in a Shariah compliant man, with strong ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, will cripple Michigan and further the hold of Shariah in our country. How many Muslim girls are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of feeling righteous? How many Muslim girls, how many of your daughters are you willing to sacrifice for multi-culturalism and diversity and for tolerating evil?

I recognize that the younger generation, and some older, believe in the importance of diversity. Diversity in its TRUE form isn’t a bad thing; but to accept whole-hearted diversity, without boundaries, which leads to the blind acceptance of the destruction of one’s society and nation for a false form of said diversity is insanity.I ask you to diversify your thinking to include conservative thought as well. Think about where the Constitutional road leads and compare it to where the Shariah road leads. Look around the world to countries where Shariah is in control, where communism/socialism is in control, and compare them to the greatness of our past when the Constitution was in control.

We were/are by no means perfect; but the closer we followed the Law of the Land, the greater our freedom and influence was.

We would love to help you and the younger generations look objectively to where these agenda driven roads lead. The only thing it will cost you is your time. Join Phil Haney on Friday, August 3, 2018 from 7 PM to 9:30 PM at the New Life Fellowship church, located at 12960 James Street, Holland, MI 49424.

Phil is uniquely qualified to speak about the dangers of Shariah law and how they have already crept into the United States in general, and into Michigan specifically. Having lived and worked in Shariah-ruled countries and having been responsible for stopping more than 300 terrorists as an agent for the Department of Homeland Security, he knows what he is talking about.

Phil will briefly introduce us to how Shariah law has wormed its way into our government and society and then he will address other questions like: Does this leave America vulnerable? Why don’t we see it or feel it here in West Michigan?  Or do we? Today, London police have been ordered to investigate citizens, but to protect Muslims & Shariah.  Could we look like that one day (soon)? What is at stake in the upcoming Primary Election? What can we do?

Whether one is a proponent of diversity or not, these are important questions for each of us to ask ourselves and intelligently seek answers for. Urge your family, pastor, church, friends, and young people you know to attend this event and ask questions. The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” That may be true; but you can put salt in his oats, making him want to drink! Help them realize the importance of these days. Salt their oats by putting thought provoking questions out before them, helping them want to come.

After the election, there is no Back to the Future moment of warning, it won’t matter how much you wish you could undo what you’ve done. BUT…it’s NOT just about this election; it’s about the future of the great state of Michigan and of these great United States of America! Educate yourself, stir others, and urge them to think and to vote!

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