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In Dr. Beeke’s Family Worship Bible Guide—Isaiah 56—he writes: “Leaders, both religious and civil, have significant responsibility and are liable for their failures. Isaiah indicts those who are blind, dumb, and sleeping. They are not watching for signs of danger. Sadly, there are many in the ministry today who are like this, and they must bear a large measure of responsibility for the weakness and ineffectiveness of much of the professing church today. We need to pray that they Lord would deal with those in leadership, that either He would awaken them and give them a holy zeal for the gospel of remove them from office. If the Lord has blessed you with a faithful pastor, pray for him continually.” (emphasis mine)

We are in great danger, both nationally and ecclesiastically, because our civil and religious leaders are for the most part willfully blind and apathetically asleep—unaware of the dangers that are close at hand. When national and church leaders show no concern and ignore the signs of Shariah compliance, is it any wonder that our young adults (and older ones too) are ignorant of the future snares that lay before them?

Shariah law already has a stronghold in our nation and especially in the state of Michigan. However, too few recognizethe path that’s being unleashed in and throughout Michigan that has led to a lack of resistance from Christians, the church, law enforcement, city officials, our schools, and our governor. This is a window of opportunity that we have been given. Let us learn and speak up before that window slams shut, taking away the strength and volume of that voice.

Phil Haney will be speaking at the New Life Fellowship church, located at 12960 James Street, Holland, MI 49424, on Friday, August 3, 2018 from 7 PM.

What can you expect? Well, what will you do?

Phil will introduce them to how Shariah wormed its way into our government and society and then he will address other questions like: Does this leave America vulnerable? Why don’t we see it or feel it here in West Michigan?  Or do we? Today, London police have been ordered to investigate citizens, but to protect Muslims & Shariah.  Could we look like that one day (soon)? What is at stake in the upcoming Primary Election? What can we do?

Kill ignorance with knowledge and defeat apathy with the passion of TRUTH!Come hear Phil address the threat of Shariah law; but more importantly he will show how Shariah is already here in Michigan and the danger it poses

Pray for your pastor and urge him to join you for this time of educating on real, serious, and contemporary issues. Remind him that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle and the enemy is strong—Praise God, He is stronger yet! Bring him, expecting to be stirred and to talk about a plan of action. We are already nearing a point of no return, barring the Hand of God.

Phil Haney knows what he’s talking about; he was one of the most successful DHS agents and we are blessed to have him. Are you friends or acquaintances with civil leaders at any level of government? Invite them to join you so they can at least have intelligent conversations about the topic of Shariah law and the infiltration of Islam into the various levels of government. Bring your friends—convince young adults to join you—tell them all you want for your birthday is a few hours of their time!

Join us on Friday, August 3 at 7 PM in Holland!

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