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Author: Steve Huston  


A quick announcement before the article:  Phil Haney will be speaking in the Holland area on Friday, August 3, 2018 at 7 to 9:30 PM. Come hear Phil address the threat of Shariah law; but more importantly he will show how Shariah is already here in Michigan and the danger it poses.  Join us at the New Life Fellowship church located at 12960 James Street, Holland, MI 49424. Bring your friends—convince young adults to join you—tell them all you want for your birthday is a few hours of their time! Phil will introduce them to how Shariah wormed its way into our government and society and then he will address other questions like: Does this leave America vulnerable? Why don’t we see it or feel it here in West Michigan?  Or do we? Today, London police have been ordered to investigate citizens, but to protect Muslims & Shariah.  Could we look like that one day (soon)? What is at stake in the upcoming Primary Election? What can we do? Look for more information to come regarding this informative and important event!

The many days of dryness preceding our Do You Care About Your Future? conference is nothing compared to the spiritual dryness and the arid apathy that seems to consume our land. I’m often reminded of the words God spoke through the prophet Amos.Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD.The prophet Isaiah tells thatTruth is fallen in the street.These prophets weren’t directly talking about America today, but our nation certainly fits the description.

We have used much ink and provided many speakers to warn, educate, and stir others to the dangers of Islamic Shariah law; now for the task of convincing. Shariah law dictates every aspect of life for the Shariah adherent Muslim and it demands that all other laws (including the Constitution) submit to it. Although we have helped many to understand the dangers of Shariah, there are still many who  do not believe that such a detestable thing could ever happen here in our beloved America. That is why we held this last conference with Farrah Prudence and Phil Haney. Some walked away calling it “the best event you’ve ever had.” If you order a DVDof this important event, you’ll see why.

Farrah was the first of these two truth-tellers to speak to this 200+ crowd. She spoke very clearly about the worthlessness of women in countries that are under Shariah law. Farrah suffered family sexual assault and rape, beatings, and watched her father be physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive to her mother, her siblings, and herself. Read how she described her life in a Shariah law ruled nation specifically and of other Shariah ruled countries in general: Whether you believe that hell is literal or figurative, it’s real. I lived there. It’s a place outside of God’s Kingdom and it’s a place where people have put Satan himself as king. And it’s his playground and they don’t play by the same rules we do.”

The purpose of this event was to convince people that the rule of Shariah law IS possible in this country. Therefore, we must be careful to constitutionally guard America from the enemy without and the enemy which is already stealthily within our shores, our government, our law enforcement, and our courts.

There are already a great number of mosques throughout our nation (five alone in the Grand Rapids area). Some may think that they are simply religious centers for worship; however, Farrah shared that the job of the mosque is primarily political and it’s a court system. Worship is a secondary task.

The hijab is another warning that Shariah is here: “This is why the hijab gets worn. Muslim women wear the hijab in order to have Muslim men distinguish between them and non-Muslim women, because they’re allowed to harm non-Muslim women in the form of harassment or rape. They’re not allowed to harm Muslim women.” It’s not cultural, it’s not cool, and it’s not nice.  Yet look at the number of American women donning the hijab and misinterpreting oppression for liberty.

Farrah at one point called us a “dhimmi nation”. This ex-Muslim recognizes that America “follows Islam, we follow Shariah, we bow our heads down to it; we are very Shariah compliant. You don’t have to be a Muslim to be Shariah compliant; and that’s what we are right now in this country.” (Explanation on the DVD).

This brave woman shared that Shariah is in all but 22 states and closed out her time by telling of the many other ways that Michigan (U.S.) have become Shariah compliant—“Not only has Shariah infiltrated, it has a stronghold.” Honor killings in Michigan (for filing to divorce her husband). Girls in Michigan are being forced into FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), a dangerous and at times life-threatening procedure of brutality. Halal food is being sold; separate waiting rooms for men and women in medical clinics; and church leaders sharing the platform with Imams stating that they serve the same God; THIS IS SHARIAH!

In referring to Abdul el-Sayed (or any other Shariah compliant candidate) Farrah warns, “Voting in a Shariah compliant man, with strong ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, will cripple Michigan and further the hold of Shariah in our country. How many Muslim girls are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of feeling righteous? How many Muslim girls, how many of your daughters are you willing to sacrifice for multi-culturalism and diversity and for tolerating evil?

Farrah shared much, much more important information; and due to space, I haven’t even touched Phil’s presentation. In order to hear more of this important conference, share it with others, or discuss it with the young adults in your life, order your own DVDof the Do You Care About Your Future? conference.

We know that Shariah is scary and that it has a stronghold in our country; but let us not be afraid. In order to keep Shariah from becoming a stranglehold, I point you to Farrah’s closing words. “The only way to combat the darkness of Islam is to learn and live out the light of Christ. We must have conviction and unfaltering, unwavering faith if we are to step into the spiritual and sometimes physical battle against the forces of Islam. Islam is a pit of quicksand and Christ is the only rock on which we can stand.

As I left the conference center that night, there was a great down pouring of rain. I pray that those present (and those who will yet listen) found a great down pouring of truth to refresh and revive their hearts and minds.

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