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Author: Steve Huston  

The Do You Care About Your Future conference will start in just a few short hours7 PM TONIGHT at the Prince Conference Center (1800 East Beltline SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546). The response has been great! However there is still room; so register now! Maybe you have already registered but there are people who have come to your mind—get them registered!

There’s a lot at stake and many—especially the younger generations—aren’t informed about the dangers that are prevalent and what they can do about them. Trevor Loudon has delved deep and wide, deeper and wider still, for America’s sake. This man from New Zealand is passionate about America and recognizes the dangers which are upon us; so he calls out to America, with a trumpet of warning. Listen to just a few of his recent quotes:

“…the purpose of promoting illegal immigration—even widespread immigration in countries antithetical to America is very simple.  The left understands that to take over Western Europe, to take over America you have to destroy the conservative, Christian voting baseSo you need to dilute that base by bringing in lots of people who do not share those values, and are in many cases hostile to those values.  Now that has been the case in Europe when the left really went overboard trying to bring as many immigrants from third world countries - particularly Islamic countries into Europe as they could, with predictably disastrous resultsAnd they are trying to do the same thing is this country.

We have seen this shift and we’ve seen the Left push for voting rights for illegal aliens and fight against voting ID cards. Grasp what Mr. Loudon is saying here next.

Now I just want do a little math for people here.  Now Mitt Romney lost his election by the Republican Party by about 2 1/2 million votes.  Donald Trump won by about 180,000 votes.  But he actually lost the popular vote by over 2 million.  So it's a very tight run thing.  And thank God for the electoral college. But in this country right now there are between 12 to 40 million illegal aliens.    Now we know that when illegal citizenship has voting rights as Hillary Clinton promised to do within a 100 days of taking office, we know that those people will vote in huge numbers for the Democratic Party - maybe up to 80%.  So you would have the Democrats get maybe up to 10, 20, even 30 million new voters.  Now you can see what that's going to do to the politics of this country:  Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona, and a whole bunch more into blue states.  And you would effectively have one party rule in this country from that point in time. 

“I joke sometimes if 80% of the illegals in this country were reliable conservatives, conservative voters, Obama would have had the biggest war on the borders that you would have ever seen.You would have the  National Guard down there.

Trevor Loudon went on to talk about the fact that most of the Islamic refugees aren’t being shipped into Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Los Angeles because the Left already owns them. They are being shipped into Michigan and the Midwest—the heart of the conservative Christian voting base—in order to “rape those communities” and to dilute the voting base there.

Let’s look at Michigan for a moment. Here we have three critical races: The gubernatorial race, District 13 to fill John Conyers seat, and the Secretary of State.

We’ve written at length regarding the gubernatorial race and you can read those articles if you wish. In the District 13 race there is a Muslim extremist by the name of Rashida Tliab; she also happens to be a member of the largest Marxist group, the Democratic Socialist Party of North America. Sadly, whichever Democrat wins that election will probably be going to the Senate, seeing as there is no Republican candidate running (as of now).

Let’s go back to Trevor Loudon for the last Michigan race mentioned.

For Secretary of State—Jocelyn Benson.  George Soros backed her in his Secretary of State project.   Scary though,t Benson is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and she is backed by the Arab American Political Action Committee and the Communist Party USA—this is an Unholy Alliance.  You've got the Marxist groups (DSA, Communist Party USA, Workers World Party), The Muslim radical groups (CAIR and others) and the Soros influence through the Secretary of State Project which was designed to get as many left-wing secretary of states as possible because they are the ones who count the votes, and it's as Stalin said ‘It's not who votes that counts it's who counts the votes that counts.’”

Tonight is sure to be a special time of informing. Who do you care about—will you bring them? This is about the future they will inherit and can have a hand in shaping. I’m bringing four young people with me. How many will you bring?

Even as I wrote this piece, others have registered. Don’t miss out. Register yourself and those you care about now!

If you cannot attend, we will be broadcasting the event on Facebook Live.  Find American Decency Association on Facebook to view this important event.

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