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Author: Steve Huston  


Imagine sitting on the couch with your seven year-old daughter next to you. She’s enjoying some screen time and playing her “child friendly” game while you’re reading her favorite chapter book aloud to her. All of a sudden story-time and innocence comes to a screeching halt as you look on in horror at your daughter’s iPad only to discover… “My sweet and innocent daughter’s avatar was being VIOLENTLY GANG-RAPED ON A PLAYGROUND by two males. A female observer approached them and proceeded to jump on her body at the end of the act. Then the 3 characters ran away, leaving my daughter’s avatar laying on her face in the middle of the playground.”

The above is the true account of Amber Peterson as she posted it to her Facebook page; what happened to her could happen to any of us. She was monitoring her daughter and had set the parental controls; she seemingly had done all she could do. That didn’t change the outcome; people can’t unsee what they have seen. Click here to read more of Amber’s story and Roblox’s response.

Another incidentwas reported by from Go Ask Mom's Facebook page: one parent wrote that her son is no longer on Roblox after learning about a game he was playing. “My son has not been allowed to play this since I walked into him playing and the mission was to kill yourself. Like he had to go around his character's house and drink bleach or find a knife.

Another harrowing experienceregarding Roblox, but this time from the UK, was reported in the Daily Mail. It tells about amother's horror as her six year-old daughter was introduced to a graphic 'sex room' while playing a smash-hit children's video game.

These are not isolated incidents seeing as this article went on to say thatKidspot reported that YouTube revealed many Roblox videos containing sexual content and other violent themes, such as school shootings. Users attempt to get around the filters by using 'shex' instead of 'sex'.” These are real concerns!

I remember when parents were warned not to let their children spend too much time in front of the television. Apparently this warning should be repeated—only louder and longer—in regards to all types of screens. Keep in mind the statistic I am about to share with you is ONLY for this one gaming community called Roblox.

The average amount of user time spent monthly on Roblox by users 17 years-old and under is 84 million hours.

If we factor in all the other various online and offline games out there, the 78.8 million hours of YouTube watched by those 17 years-old and younger, social media sites, and other media sites, we should be very concerned. Remember, even though the above parents were monitoring their children, many are not. To allow our children to be “entertained” by screens without parental interaction/monitoring, we are neglecting our duty, putting our children at risk, and missing out on making memories with them during the very short time we have them.

I know it’s tempting during these summer months to let your kids spend extra time on their various screens, but give some thought to the previous sentences I just wrote. Help to protect young eyes and older eyes. Also, instead of screen time, make some memories by heading out to the park, the lake, a museum, or play together in your own back yard. Don’t be that parent that sits on the picnic table or on the beach being caught up in their own screens; be involved with your children. Showing interest in them also makes it much easier when it comes time to have serious conversations.

Speaking of conversations, summer is a great time to get to know your children better. While playing with them, listen to their words and listen to their heart. Let them know you’re listening by asking questions and helping them to see their importance to you and to their Creator. Don’t forget to spend time in church with them too, and talk about that as well.

We have many duties. The most important ones deal with God, and sharing Him with our families. Don’t waste your summer; make the most of it by deepening relationships and protecting your children.

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