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Author: Steve Huston  


When the moderator is all done asking questions at the scheduled Republican gubernatorial debate and the threat of Shariah-adherent Islam isn’t mentioned in any way, shape, or form, what is a concerned Michigander (or whatever term of endearment is used for citizens of your own personal state) supposed to do? Sit down and write an article, I guess.

Of course education, roads, fiscal responsibility, tax cuts, a decrease in insurance rates, and many other issues are important topics of discussion and debate; however, no one wants to talk about the very real threat to Michigan and every other state in our union. To have a debate yet ignore the ever-increasing reality of an ideological shift which goes against our Constitution and puts at jeopardy the very liberties that our fore-fathers fought to guarantee, borders on neglect.

Immigration and sanctuary cities were addressed and “new Americans” were spoken of; yet not one of these candidates bothered to shine the light of truth and reason, or law and order, on the very real threat of Shariah and its components coming into the United States in general and into Michigan specifically.

The next governor of Michigan should at least be considering these very real issues and how they affect the citizenry of this fine state:

·         Female Genital Mutilation

·         No-Fault (Sanctioned) Rape

·         Pedophilia

·         Human Trafficking

·         Honor Violence

·         Polygamy

·         Child Marriage

·         Wife Beating

·         Sedition

·         Jihad—Mass Murder

·         Extreme Punishment for Apostasy and Blasphemy


These are issues that have been affecting these United States and have pushed their way into the Great Lakes State. Actually, these are more than issues; they are lives that are affected by Shariah law. It will require strong leadership from the next governor to exterminate these horrendous atrocities against human rights, standing against them in our state, showing that we care about all women and children specifically, and all our populace in general.

As I said, not once were these critical issues brought up in the above Republican debate. It’s understandable though, in previous debates and other venues one of these candidates had the integrity to speak about Shariah law, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the inherent dangers that both Leftist and Islamic-supremacist ideologies present to freedom and this republic.

When this Patrick Colbeck did speak up, all others remained silent. When declaring that he doesn’t hate the Muslim people but has great concerns regarding Shariah-adherent or supremacist Muslims/candidates, he alone spoke out. That silence was seen as weakness; Abdul El-Sayed, one of the Democratic candidates, attacked them for their silence, stating that they should stand against their fellow Republican opponent for such Islamphobia. Then this Sharaih-adherent politician, turned his sites on the only one in the room willing to talk about the issues we’ve mentioned, and with vitriol spewed out this statement: “You may not hate Muslims, but I’ll tell you, Muslims definitely hate you.”

The gubernatorial primary for Michigan is August 7; make sure you and your family/friends are registered to vote. Talk with your adult children/grandchildren and all the young adults in your life about these very real and very important issues. Our freedoms are at stake on so many different levels; it goes beyond the religion of any particular candidate. Do your due diligence; it’s our responsibility to find out which candidate will best support our Constitution and our rights and freedoms.

Have these tough conversations with others and encourage them to register too. Let your voice be heard for freedom, vote!

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