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Did you miss out on our June 15 and 16 conference? (Contact us to purchase your $10 DVD of the 16th) Did you attend but feel compelled to learn even more? Maybe you now understand the importance of getting friends and relatives, both young and old alike, informed and stirred about the impending issues which are looming upon our horizon. If any of the above describes you, we have great news for you!

Get registered; then mark your calendar!  On Friday, July 20, 2018 at 7 PM we will be bringing Phil Haney and Farrah Prudence to the Prince Conference Center located at 1800 East Beltline SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546. This is another event that will be very beneficial to all who attend. WARNING: Some people who had not registered, or who waited too long to register, were turned away from our last event because there was no room. Don’t be left out…REGISTER! You can easily register by calling Kimberly at (231) 924-4050 or email her at

Anyone who attended our last conference knows that it’s NOT about hating Muslims; it’s about trying to keep all women safe (including the Muslim women/girls) by insisting that the governing law of our land—the Constitution—is followed. It’s about keeping our individual states and this nation free. It’s about informing others on the clear and present danger which has come to destroy us from without AND within. This next conference is no different in its goals and purposes.

As Farrah told her story (from the 22 through 40 minute mark), some felt overwhelmed by the information presented. Who wouldn’t feel that way as they hear about women all over the world who are being oppressed, abused, and made to be second-class citizens, as the Qur’an dictates? It’s only natural to feel heaviness as we sympathize with fellow humans who are caught in a web of Shariah-adherent bondage; and as we come to the recognition that if America doesn’t return to her Constitutional boundaries and a real love for liberty, that could be the fate of our women and female children as well.

Farrah, who was raised in a Shariah-supremacist home, spoke boldly during the question and answer period: “They are trying to take over our country (America); this is not hidden. It’s obvious.” She then pointed to the 90 candidates running for office and those who are already in office. She encouraged her audience to have conversations with their daughters. I urge you; bring your teens and young adults to this conference. Learn together, talk together, and share with others in your community.

Some of the topics Farah delicately covered were honor violence, FGM, and sanctioned rape. These are uncomfortable topics, but they are topics that are important for us to talk about and recognize that they are part and parcel of Shariah law, a law that the Islamic religion stringently follows and upholds as being higher than any man-made law—including our Constitution. As she tells her story she carefully uses word definitions as stepping stones to cross and explain the ever widening stream of Shariah, a stream which, should Islamic supremacists have their way, will widen to overtake Michigan, the United States, the West, and eventually the whole world—a global caliphate, which is their ultimate goal.

This is the truth from one who has lived through it; she has experienced the horrors of Shariah first hand. She is here, in Michigan, giving of her time and herself because she recognizes the vital importance of these times. Do you? Are you willing to come, learn, and share these things with others for the sake of your state (wherever you live) and your country?

Enter Phil Haney.Phil’s expertise in having watched the infiltration of our government by the Muslim Brotherhood and personally experiencing the purge of people and information which was meant to protect our nation and its citizenry, will close the door on accusations that things aren’t that bad, that we are only trying to encourage hysteria.

Founding member of the Department of Homeland Security and being responsible for stopping over 300 would-be terrorists are just a couple from a long list of accomplishments in this truth-teller’s resume. He also lays out the dangers of Shariah but from governmental and national sovereignty points of view. Phil continues to keep his eyes on the news and his ears to the ground; he takes note of what is going on, and he records and reports it. It’s not uncommon for his briefing (presentation) to contain a power point slide on a piece of news from that very day.

Don’t miss out on this event.This is a spectacular opportunity to get informed and to bring others along to become informed with you. Teens, young adults, middle-aged, and seniors alike will find themselves drawn to these individuals and their stories. It’s important to know the times we live in and are threatened with—COME, LEARN, and DISCUSS with others!

Register today for our Friday, July 20 conference which will take place at the Prince Conference Center located at 1800 East Beltline SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546, starting at 7 PM. Call or email Kimberly at (231) 924-4050; Again, this is not about hating individuals; it’s about loving freedom and loving these individuals who are caught up in a web of danger and deceit called Shariah law.

Never allow busyness to destroy your future.Take the steps necessary to knowledgeably work out a strategy for keeping Michigan (or wherever you live) and this great country of the United States of America free, Constitutional, and safe for you, your family, and your community.

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