What a Weekend!
Author: Steve Huston  


Our most recent conference on Friday and Saturday afternoons (June 15/16) was an amazing time of educating and stirring. If you missed the information given on those two days, you’ll definitely want to get the DVD that was made of Saturday’s happenings.

Most of you have heard Frank Gaffney from past events and he did his usual excellent job of disseminating truth and warning us once again. Phil Haney has been traveling Michigan with us throughout the month of June and he also knows how to deliver the goods. He told his story and gave warning of what is in our future if we don’t open our own eyes and educate those around us. A huge thank you to both of these men who are watchmen on the wall.

New to us, but just as important, were Anni Cyrus and Farrah Prudence, who told of their personal experiences of living under Shariah Law as second-class citizens, just because they are women. It’s very important that people hear their stories and learn from those who have lived the horrors of a Shariah-ruled culture. We are so grateful that these two women are willing to be vulnerable as they share their pain and their past. These are things people need to know!

Order your DVD ($10) today and share these truths with others.  (Call Kimberly at 231-924-4050.) Sit down with your children (including adult children) and grandchildren, watch it together, and talk about the truths that are plainly presented. We can’t afford anyone to have their head in the sand; too much is at stake! Learn, share, and discuss; all of our futures depend upon it.


Many of you have taken advantage of Phil Haney’s traveling throughout the state of Michigan during this past month of June. Thank you to both Phil and all who have graciously had him come.

Now, here’s the breaking newsBoth Phil Haney and Farrah Prudence will be available throughout the month of July for speaking engagements of any size. This is a blessing and an almost unbelievable opportunity. Church gatherings, other types of events, small or large, these people will tell the truth and expose the lies regarding Shariah and the importance of holding fast to our Constitution which, when followed, guarantees freedom and liberty for all.

To order your DVD of the Saturday event, including the Q & A, time for $10, or to schedule Phil or Farrah for your event or small get together, call Kimberly at 231-924-4050

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