National Security Meltdown
Author: Bill Johnson  


We are still aglow over the weekend conferences that took place in Fremont and Bloomfield Hills entitled: “What Future will Michigan Choose?”

Stay tuned for a summary of the events.   The purpose of this brief email alert is to keep you apprised of events for tonight and tomorrow night as you may have missed Philip Haney’s presentation!

Tonight – Philip Haney
June 19:  at 7 pm, Howard Miller Library, Ottawa County Patriots –  14 S. Church Street, Zeeland, Mi. 49464

Tomorrow night – Philip Haney
 June 20:  at 7 pm, Cornerstone College - Room 100 near Miller Library
 1001 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Seating is limited.  You must RSVP to ensure a seat.  RSVP Judy at 616-690-6937

If you have been following our emails you are aware that Philip Haney, with the special support and encouragement of the Center for Security Policy (Frank Gaffney and team), has been and will continue to be in Michigan throughout the month of June. 

Look for further updates.  Bring your loved ones.  Those in their 20s through whatever age really should hear Mr. Haney’s message.

These are unique events meant to educate and stir. We cannot allow ourselves to roll along in ignorance, ignoring the fact that whatever happens in August will not stay in August—it will affect our lives and the freedoms and lives of those who come after us. Make no mistake; our future is at stake! It’s not only about political parties; it’s about ideologies and how they will affect us individually and as a whole.

Call for more information at:231-924-4050. 


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