What Is Your Heart Burdened For?
Author: Steve Huston  


Many years ago, my uncle and I landed at the Hyderbad airport in central India for the purpose of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. For ten days we traveled to small villages throughout the southern portion of Andhra Pradesh. There wasn’t much persecution there, but accounts of Christian persecution in the neighboring state of Orissa were not uncommon.

Since those days of travel, persecution in India and around the world has increased drastically and my fellow believers have had to endure (by the grace of God) things which I can only imagine with horror. Take a few  minutes to read the following accounts of persecution, remembering that one day we might find ourselves in similar situations. Read, pray, and share.

You will be amazed at this modern day miracle which took place in India. Read to the end and learn how to better pray for this pastor and others in India. Indian Pastor Beaten, Thrown Into Ditch–But Persecutors Shocked by What God Does Next

Many undoubtedly remember the kidnapping of Nigerian girls by the Boko Haram several years ago. Read about the Crisis of Disappearing Christian Women and Girls Escalates in Egypt–As Police Do Little to Help. Be amazed and give praise for the way God protected one woman and be moved to pray for the many others who are being abducted and abused.

In a country where 90 percent of the population is Muslim, Christians in Egypt have been treated as second-class citizens since the advent of Islam in the region.

“The rise of radical Islamist groups has only exacerbated Christian persecution, affecting believers in their villages, neighborhoods, and workplaces. Adding to this persecution is the Egyptian state’s low regard for religious freedom and other fundamental rights.

In another story shared by Open Doors you can read about a Hindu Leader Demands All Christians Leave India in Publicized Video and also learn 8 things about persecution in India.

North Korea remains the number one hotbed for Christian persecution; it has been for over a decade now. I urge you to watch this amazing and challenging 5 minute video about A Radical, Dangerous Life—Hea Woo in North Korea. Perhaps some of you were so busy that you skipped reading the above stories. Even so, don’t skip this video! Share it with your friends, your pastor, and your church.

All the above is not just an exercise of making our readers aware (although it was that too). If you are a Christian, it’s a reminder that there are fellow believers—brothers and sisters—who need your fervent prayers, encouragement through letters, and financial help. Our communities and our country need to know of their faithfulness to the Lord and God’s faithfulness to them.

We live in such a self-absorbed culture that very few people are aware of the depth of Christian persecution which takes place around the globe.1 in 12 Christians experience persecution including death, rape, imprisonment, forced marriage, and other physical violence.

There are many good websites that one can visit to learn about such persecution, the actions that individuals can take, and what the church as a whole can do. Each of these websites have their own strengths, so don’t stop with just one. Two such helpful resources are Open Doors USA and Voice of the Martyrs.

In an effort to raise Christian persecution awareness in our communities, there is one website that is offering free banners to churches and places of ministry, to be placed outside before the eyes of a watching world.It would be a wonderful thing if every church would get their free banner from Save the Persecuted Christians and place it prominently at their house or worship, reminding both attendees and passersby that there is a global population of believers that are suffering atrocities for the sake of Christ.

Get informed for the purpose of prayer and for sharing the truth with others. Urge your pastor and urge your friends to urge their pastors to get this free banner so that a hidden people might be lifted up for the sake of Christ’s work and His message.


What Future Will Michigan Choose? Michigan will vote its future on August 7th, are you informed on the #1 voting issue? Are you aware that Michigan and Minnesota are the two key states for gubernatorial elections this year? I wonder how many people in Michigan are asleep at the wheel. Will they allow the “Great Lakes State” to go careening off the road, crashing into the water and sinking into a watery grave of no return? Or will we (all of us), warn and stir our families, churches, and friends to recognize the vital significance of these times, shaking the cobwebs from our thoughts, allowing the truth to blow the fog from our vision, and see the landscape for what it is as it lies before us? Are you willing to sound the alarm with us? If not, this state—and nation—may never recover. We may continue to lose freedoms, making it all the more difficult to stand for what is right and true and decent. Some may think this an overstatement—it is not!

American Decency Association is bringing National Security Experts Frank Gaffney and Philip Haney to Fremont on Friday, June 15, from 1 PM to 5:00 PM at our headquarters (203 E. Main St.) and to Bloomfield Hills, MI on Saturday, June 16, from 2 PM to 6 PM at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church (3600 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI. 48302)

These two warriors of the truth will be joined by two more; these are two women you may never have heard of, but you need to hear their story. Anni Cyrus and Farrah Prudence will be sharing their stories. It’s their personal first-hand account of Shariah life for women and how they escaped it. In America, Islam is portrayed as a religion of peace and something to be desired by women. Come, listen to their experiences, and share the truth with others.

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