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Author: Steve Huston  


After reading up on and watching clips of a show called 13 Reasons Why, I can only ask, “Can anyone give me 13 good reasons why this show was a good idea or why it is still on Netflix?” (I’d settle for one good reason.) Why are Christians supporting and giving a positive response to this show?

What comes in through the eyes has a way of churning around and sticking in our brains. Pornography, violent acts, the death of a loved one, these (and other) images haunt our memory, motivating emotional acts, and often dictating, in part, what we become. Unfortunately, we cannot unsee what we have seen. 13 Reasons Whygives its viewers much content that ought not to be seen, puts thoughts into young minds that ought not to be thought, and could (might) have played a role in actions which should not have been done.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) reports, “Following the Season 1 release, the  Google search term for how to commit suicide spiked 26 percent, and there were news reports of children literally taking their own lives.” The American Family Association (AFA) also believes that this popular yet dangerous show may be responsible for the death of at least one young person. AFA encouraged “parents, grandparents and others concerned about the nation’s youth to watch a heartbreaking video about the Bright’s daughter, Anna. The 14-year-old girl committed suicide after binge-watching the Netflix series “‘13 Reasons Why.’”

If you’re not familiar with 13 Reasons Why, it is a show that “is clearly produced for young viewers despite being rated for mature audiences.” (PTC) It’s a show which glorifies suicide while normalizing a plethora of dangerous actions which would be better weeded out of our schools rather than being encouraged through media manipulation. Some of these actions would include cutting, homosexual relationships, rapes with no real consequences for the rapist, extreme violence, revenge, and bullying. (Warning, this next sentence is graphic and you might want to skip it.) As part of the season two finale, there was a very graphic, extremely violent, scene in which one young man who had learned how to handle things appropriately was rewarded for his efforts by being brutally sodomized by another male student with a mop handle.

After such bullying this student took weapons from his arsenal and was going to shoot up the school and student body at the school dance.

Some people say that these are things that are happening in schools, so it’s good to have it portrayed so that it will bring about important conversations. Let’s set the record straight.

First, watching these things desensitizes people to them, especially the younger one is, and the frequency in which they view these portrayals. Eventually the shock wears off and callousness begins to form; perhaps slowly, but that violence or that act portrayed doesn’t affect the person like it once did.

Second, it normalizes these behaviors.Just because an action happens with greater frequency doesn’t mean that it’s normal. School shootings may be on the rise; but they will never be normal. LGBT lifestyles and relationships may be on the increase; but they will never be safe or normal. With Hollywood and other media outlets blurring and pushing the lines further and further, what constitutes “normal” is changing at an alarming rate; but it will never be truly normal. God is the only definer of what normal really is.

Third, if it is normalized in our minds, we find it more acceptable. Suicide is not normal; it should never be considered as an option. However, PTC reported, “Following the Season 1 release, the Google search term for how to commit suicide spiked 26 percent, and there were news reports of children literally taking their own lives.” There are a great number of things which ought not to be considered acceptable; however, society continues its ever-devolving thanks to people not being careful what they put before their eyes.

In light of this ungodly “entertainment” and the inherent dangers it brings to our children, young people, and the society we all must live in, Iurge you to do the following:

First, have conversations.Talk with your children and other young people about bullying and the appropriate responses to such cruel actions. Ask questions about their school situations and if they know of anyone being hurt by others either physically or emotionally. Bring up this show and its issues with other parents and adults you know. Only by shedding light on these dark problems will a solution be found.

Second, share the only real solution.  If you’re a Christian, you know the only solution to these issues. Although Netflix is pointing those with problems back to their streaming station for solutions, you can be sure that they aren’t going to be pointing people to Jesus.

Having a real and vital relationship with Jesus is the only true cure for the problems found in our schools, country, and family.  Suicide isn’t the answer; the only answer will be found in self-denial and surrender to the One who created us and knows us. The answer isn’t revenge; it’s in allowing the love of Christ to flow through us and heal us. The gospel shows us how we have wronged God through sin; yet He made a way of forgiveness and a life of fullness available through His only Son, Jesus. By His grace and the atoning work of Jesus, the emptiness that leads to suicide or revenge can be transformed into a life of love, fullness, acceptance, and purpose.

Third, we urge you to sign The American Family Association’s petition, sending Netflix a message to stop airing this hit show because it is harming those who watch it and is affecting the society in which we all must live. Click here to sign the AFA petition or call Netflix at 866-579-7172.



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