Indeed, Freedom isn’t free
Author: Bill Johnson  


This weekend we honor those who gave their lives for freedom.  In a different way, we also desire to be freedom fighters, and we believe we are.  Read and you will see.

Things are hopping here.  Here are a few highlights and talking points.

1.  Our appeal letter went out last week.  Initial response is not so good.  Another day or two will give a clearer picture.

2.  Our June newsletter is now off to the printer.   See attached.  It also can be found under resources on our webpage.

3.   We are working on our own Michigan monograph (a 30 some page booklet) on West Michigan and its sleepy condition regarding Islam.

4.   I have been on the phones a great deal scheduling Philip Haney in the full month of June.  

Here is a very recent interview that Phil did with Glenn Beck:

Phil Haney will be speaking at the Dalton Baptist Church on Sunday during both the morning service and the Sunday school hour.   

5.  We are three weeks out from our conferences here in Fremont and in Bloomfield Hills Baptist
I encourage you to do your best in being here with us for our What Future Will Michigan Choose event.

6.  Katie Hopkins was in Dearborn last week.  Here are some interesting short interviews and websites:  
Inside the largest mosque in the U.S.?

American-Islamic relations group applauds Warren official's "swift" resignation (very troubling)  This is what Shariah looks like.  Dearborn to Warren to …

Katie meets a very brave man; the outsider candidate for Michigan Governor

The truth behind Detroit's shocking housing crisis

Lastly, it is really quite difficult for me to do due justice to the kind of servant of the Lord Philip Haney is.    He is an agent of peace, building up (restoring our foundation), truth telling, Gospel sharing, love for God, for the Constitution, people and the Glory of God.  

We have an amazingly humble, common man; yet uncommon.  He was the recipient last year of the first "American Freedom" Award.

He will be in California (June 28-30) to present the second annual award to the "recipient to be," Trevor Loudon. 

Lastly, giving today and in recent days has been concerning as we head into the summer months.  Not as I had hoped.

God is so faithful.  He will show Himself strong in His way and in His timing.

Thanks for your stand with us. 

Blessings to you all. Your prayers are needed.


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