The Education of Mis-information
Author: Steve Huston  


Like a Hoover salesman bucking for “salesman of the year,” the Left and its numerous adherents have pushed long and hard to suck truth out of our educational institutions. As this has happens a vacuum remains which pulls in the lies and misinformation which they have strategically left in truth’s place. This nefarious and well-planned attack on the family, our nation’s values, our Constitution, and even the church has been, and is being, very successful.

This attack on history isn’t new; but the bold lies, the push for ignorance for the sake of acceptance, and the aggressiveness with which this ungodly agenda is forced has gained momentum and popularity thanks to media propaganda, liberal teachers, and the political Left joining forces with the “Red-Green axis” (Communist and Islamic subterfuge).

Quick history lesson: Daniel Webster said, “History is God’s providence in human affairs.” To put it briefly, history in America was always taught from the standpoint that God’s intervening hand of Providence works in the events of man. But as David Barton concisely points out, “Today, however, history is presented in such an edited, revised, and politically-correct manner that God’s hand is rarely visible – and even the historic role of famous Godly leaders in education, business, politics, and the military is now virtually unacknowledged.”

During our recent William Federer event (pre-order your copy here) we were told the best way to subtly change others’ minds is to change how they feel about their history (or some product). For example, if one says bad things about your country’s foundation (founding fathers, Constitution, Biblical values, lovers of freedom); making people doubt the goodness of their country; and then, speak well of the system of government which one hopes to employ (socialism/communism/Islam); then a mind can be more easily, unconsciously transformed.

Although our founding fathers and various American historical events are far from perfect, the fact of the matter is that these men and the government which they instituted are much better than the lies which are told and the view that is taught. Add to this the fact that many topics and historical happenings are left untaught (The Holocaust for one example); that various historical figures and events have undergone further historical revision (Columbus or Jefferson for example); and this leads to having created a generation (or two) of misinformed, discontented and entitled people who speak and act in ignorance and desire to change things which they know little to nothing about.

I urge you to read this very important article from The Federalist which warns of a new Advanced Placement U.S. History textbook which implies that Christians are bigots and that Reagan was a racist. You will be shocked at what else this “history” book (truly a propaganda piece) teaches your children and grandchildren. The Federalist also unveils the fact that it’s not only the books that are being used, but also those who are teaching. “Only 4 percent of history professors call themselves Republicans.” This news source also points to “a must-read related column on how we on the Right must begin constructing our own ways of life if we are to rescue our families and neighborhoods from the Left’s war against America” by Angelo Codevilla. Do yourself a favor and read this as well.

I started this article off by pointing to the vacuum which is created and the ungodly agenda which is sucked in afterward. If anyone thinks that it is only about false history and propaganda, they are sadly mistaken. It’s an agenda that has greased the skids for bold lies and the push for ignorance for the sake of acceptance in order to further this nation’s moral erosion and demise.

Former President Obama and many in our government had pushed the LGBT agenda both at home and abroad. Abroad, the LGBT agenda was used as a bargaining chip to put undue leverage upon governments that wanted our financial help. Here at home, schools, parents, and educators were bullied by this administration to further this agenda. This too was leveraged by the threat of withholding federal funds from anyone who would not comply.

Now these things (LGBT indoctrination) are becoming commonplace in the school and part of the curriculum which our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated with. To help further educate you on this point, I compel you to read two more articles by The Federalist and Conservative Review.

These government indoctrination centers (public schools), along with entertainment and media outlets, are pushing the normalization and acceptance of lifestyles which are known and well documented to be unhealthy and dangerous, without any warning of the imminent dangers such lifestyles present. Mass Resistance published a book in 2017 entitled “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality—What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals.” (Warning: This book is extremely verbally graphic) In this extremely well-documented book (almost 100 pages of end notes), pro-LGBT view studies, government studies, and traditional view studies all reveal the dangers associated with these life-style choices, yet our schools and most doctors are silent about the truth.

In addition to agenda-driven history classes and the withholding of truth regarding the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle while attempting to bring nearly everyone into their circle, there is the indoctrination of Islam into our schoolchildren as well.

We aren’t allowed to teach the facts of creationism, or that our country was founded upon Christian principles, or that it was God’s sovereign hand of providence that lifted this nation up. But we are allowed to and have been teaching in some places the five pillars of Islam, have our children act out what it is to live in a Muslim country, and even memorize the Islamic prayer which states that Jews and Christians are cursed. The truth about Shariah law and the dangers it presents to any who will not follow Allah is ignored, or even lied about, saying those things are not true. Remember, this is taking place in public schools.

So, to be clear, our nation’s founding and governing law which has served us well for over 200 years is made to seem evil and communism/socialism and Islam are made to be seen as heroic and the sensible way to do things. Our children are being led astray by a government which is bent on its own destruction, to the peril of its citizenry regardless the age.

Apathy and inattentiveness have brought us to where we are. Become involved in what your children and grandchildren are learning—regardless the level of education they are receiving. Talk with the schools, the educators, and most importantly your student(s). Get involved in disseminating the truth to them for the sake of your family, your nation, and their soul.


What Future Will Michigan Choose? Michigan will vote its future on August 7th, are you informed on the #1 voting issue? Are you aware that Michigan and Minnesota are the two key states for gubernatorial elections this year? I wonder how many people in Michigan are asleep at the wheel. Will they allow the “Great Lakes State” to go careening off the road, crashing into the water and sinking into a watery grave of no return? Or will we (all of us), warn and stir our families, churches, and friends to recognize the vital significance of these times, shaking the cobwebs from our thoughts, allowing the truth to blow the fog from our vision, and see the landscape for what it is as it lies before us? Are you willing to sound the alarm with us? If not, this state—and nation—may never recover. We may continue to lose freedoms, making it all the more difficult to stand for what is right and true and decent. Some may think this an overstatement—it is not!

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