The William Federer events were FANTASTIC!
Author: Steve Huston  


This was history, yes; but this was much more than a history lesson! The Friday night event and the Saturday morning event were two different discussions but they had a couple of things in common. First, they were anything but common; and secondly, they both taught a historical perspective of Islam and both exhorted the listener to act on the information they had received.

Friday evening, Mr. Federer gave a quick overview of this world’s 6000 year-old history, looking at the increased area of empires/kingdoms as time progressed. He gave a “brief” history of the Islamic people and their interactions with the surrounding nations. This was done particularly through a look at Mohammad’s life and decisions. He talked about the various rulers of nations throughout this 6000 year-old history, their reigns, and finally how here in America you and I are the king of this country and who our counselors are. William Federer rightly pointed out that as king, we have responsibilities that lie upon us.

He then closed out his time with an interesting illustration which points back to the fact that you and I are responsible to boldly take action trusting in the faithfulness of God and in His mighty Holy Spirit.

Another point our speaker often made on Friday and spoke to on Saturday is that all other cultures and governments before the American Revolution were empowered from the top down. But when we come to America, we see a reversal; the power comes from the bottom and moves to the top. We the People are in control; We the People give power to the government; they work for us.

There is so much more I could say but then I’d have to go on and on. So let me just say this; don’t miss out on these spectacular presentations. Make sure you pre-order your DVD of either Friday and/or Saturday event; order more to inform your friends and to have conversations with them.

Saturday’s event was a lesson that ran deep and wide on the history of Islam and the oft times underlying role the U.S. has played in its various developments. He also discussed how Islamic nations went from emulating the West to a stricter form of Wahhabism Islam—an austere and violent form of Islamic teaching which has been identified by some as the source for global terrorism.

Mr. Federer plainly states that as female leaders and celebrities who wear the hijab or do other things which comply with Muslim law, they are undermining the hopes and dreams of Muslim women who are trying to come out from under the oppression of the hijab. Also, wherever Muslim leaders are allowed to pray, that place is then considered to be property of Allah. Our right hand gestures of good faith are little more than handouts, giving away what is rightfully ours.

In both events he informed the audience of how Islam goes through three phases in its relationship with a host country. First, they immigrate; next they make deals; and finally, they expand. He made it very clear that their modus operandi is to step back when the enemy is strong, and then to step forward and expand when the enemy (the host country) is seen as weak.

This grand historian also warned that when we bend over backwards to assist and comply with the Muslims; when we show them deference and honor, we are seen as weak and ready to be subdued, so they expand.

Perhaps one of the most helpful points that Mr. Federer made was the contrast between Muhammad and Jesus, stating that Jesus and His disciples never lead any armies or commanded them to kill anyone.

Truly these were events that you, your children, and your friends should listen to over and over again for the tremendous knowledge that can be gleaned.

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