How many Christians are feeding at Hollywood’s trough?
Author: Lisa Van Houten  


Hollywood is reeling from the downfall of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after decades of his sexual abuse and harassment of women finally came to light. Weinstein, the now former CEO of Disney-owned Miramax Studios, has been one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.

For decades Weinstein has used his position, power, and the proverbial casting couch to victimize young women which was considered the worst kept secret in Hollywood.  For years it was swept under the rug as liberal politicians continued to seek his support – including the Clintons and Obamas – and ambitious actors and actresses kept silent in fear of damaging their careers.  Weinstein even had a clause in his contract that basically allowed for his misdeeds – stating that if Weinstein is sued for sexual harassment, he can keep his job.

Knowledge of Weinstein’s predatory behavior was so widespread that at the 2013 Academy Award nominations, host Seth MacFarlane “joked” while announcing the nominees for best supporting actress, “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”  The audience filled with Hollywood elite roared with laughter.

However, they’re not laughing now.  The stars of film and television, who have long buttered their bread by selling immoral sexuality to the masses, are now “morally outraged” after the expose` of Weinstein’s actions.  Actor Ben Affleck denounced Weinstein, only to have past video emerge of himself groping a young woman.  Renowned actress Meryl Streep stated: “The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has appalled those of us whose work he championed, and those whose good and worthy causes he supported. ...”

Yet in 2009 Meryl Streep sympathized with movie director/producer Roman Polanski - a convicted child rapist.  In 1977, Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles.  In a plea bargain, Polanksi pled guilty to statutory rape, but fled to Europe to avoid prison where he has averted extradition to the U.S. for nearly 40 years.   From Europe, Polanski has continued to make movies - even winning an Academy Award in 2003.  Of course Polanski could not attend in person to accept his award – Harrison Ford did it for him.  After Polanski’s Oscar was announced at the star-filled Academy  Awards ceremony, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause and Meryl Streep led a standing ovation for the child rapist.  Oh, but now she’s “appalled” by the behavior of Weinstein.

Watch out, Hollywood – your hypocrisy is showing Stars which applauded Polanski and awarded him an Oscar, now use award shows to blast President Trump.  An industry that shakes its finger at Weinstein, just weeks ago praised pornographer Hugh Hefner as a “sexual pioneer’ and “civil rights advocate.” Hefner, who recently died, normalized the degradation of women that paved the way for men like Weinstein.

Hollywood has long lectured America on what we should think when it comes to LGBT issues, gun control, politics, abortion, etc., deeming themselves the moral arbitrators of what is right and wrong.  Incredibly, Weinstein himself stated to the LA Times in 2009:  “Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion.”  — this was while he was speaking in defense of Roman Polanski. 

Liberals paint conservatives as anti-women, yet for years they’ve turned a blind eye to Weinstein’s actual war against women while he filled their coffers with political contributions.  Not the least have been the Clintons as Weinstein helped pay for Bill Clinton’s legal defense in the Monica Lewinsky fallout, donated upwards of $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and also supported Hilary’s campaign.

Now, in a statement supposedly apologizing for his conduct, Weinstein stated he’s going to “channel” his “anger” towards attacking the NRA and making a movie to undermine President Trump.

Weinstein also blamed his sexual misconduct on the fact that he“came of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.”  If that were the case, there should have been an entire generation of men who abused women.

Since the dawn of time, men have either followed God’s design to love and protect women, or they’ve followed their sinful nature to use and abuse women for their own selfish gratification.  The feminists in Hollywood falsely claim the answer to men’s objectification of women in more feminism.  What is actually needed is for more men to love their wives as Christ loved the Church (Eph. 5:25). 

Actress Emma Thompson claimed behavior such as Weinstein’s is a result of “extreme masculinity.”  However, a true, masculine man does not degrade a woman, he protects her.  Feminists today are offended if a man opens a door for them, as if it indicates that women are weak or dependent upon men.  As feminists seek to obliterate gender roles, we’ll see even more Harvey Weinsteins. 

Commentator Michael Brown made a great point as he contrasted the worldview of Weinstein with that of Mike Pence, who was mocked by liberals for the way he honors his wife.  “Mothers and fathers of America, who would you rather have your daughters work for, Weinstein or Pence? Young ladies of America, for whom would you rather work and with whom would you feel safer, Weinstein or Pence?”

We shouldn’t be surprised that the sexual perversion which floods televisions and theaters is the same lifestyle of many who produce it.  Over 20 years ago Weinstein and his brother Bob released the NC-17 child-porn movie, “Kids” which Movie Guide described as “abhorrent.”

Yet as we condemn Weinstein’s actions, how many Christians are feeding at Hollywood’s trough?

As John Ellis wrote for PJ Media:  Christians recognize that adultery is a sin before God, yet we laugh along with comedies that treat sex outside of marriage as normal and something good that should be desired. ... We defend watching and enjoying the presentation of sin as our “Christian liberty,” and label anyone who calls us to pursue holiness through our entertainment options a legalist.

Sadly, many Christians love their entertainment more than they love holiness. … Harvey Weinstein’s behavior isn’t an exception in Hollywood; it’s the norm. An industry that openly rebels against God’s standards of holiness is not an industry that Christians should defend or seek to find common ground with.

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