The Radioactive Swamp
Author: Steve Huston  

“Drain the swamp!” It was a nice catch phrase during President Trump’s campaign; but wasn’t it something to act out and do, rather than just a slogan to chant? We’d like to think so, but there’s something plugging the drain in this political quagmire. That something is INJUSTICE! To drain the swamp is to restore the rule of law; it’s reeling in the lawless, re-establishing justice, and making sure no one is above the law.

We long for justice in this land whose pledge promises “liberty and justice for all.” There isn’t any real justice until liberty is truly blind, bringing the full weight of her mighty gavel on even those in high and influential positions. We look to this administration for justice - to do right - but instead of justice we see through the eyes of the prophet Isaiah. “The way of peace they do not know, and there is no justice in their paths; they have made their roads crooked; no one who treads on them knows peace. Therefore, justice is far from us, and righteousness does not overtake us; we hope for light, and behold, darkness, and for brightness, but we walk in gloom.” (Isa. 59:8-9) O how we long for justice in this land; justice alone will not only unclog the drain, but will stop the continual toxic dumping that goes on within this nation. Unbridled lawlessness, begets more lawlessness; while justice not only stops lawlessness but also leads to righteousness.

The current injustice of which I speak has to do with the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Clintons, uranium, and various individuals associated with these cover-ups of the past through the present - some of which who are now involved with trying to prove Russian collusion with President Trump.

There has been a lot of injustice where the Clintons are concerned. Whether it’s pay to play, email scandals, Benghazi, other Clinton Foundation questionable activities, or the current uranium scandal - there’s a decided need to rectify these injustices. As Mark Levin stated on CRTV, “There’s a lot of this that has gone unanswered and it’s enormously troubling. It involves Russia and it involves more than Russia. It involves a lawless administration that used our national security agencies, our law enforcement agencies, in ways that no prior administration ever has…The cherry on the cake is the uranium deal.”

New evidence has come to light indicating that in 2010 then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used the State Department to approve the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars given to the Clinton Foundation by Russian officials.

If anyone wonders, “What’s the big deal about selling 20% of the United States’ uranium to Russia?” Think about this: Uranium is used to build nuclear weapons. Russian and U.S. relations are often described as strained at best. Add to that, Russia’s ties with Iran and North Korea - both of which are increasing their nuclear capabilities and both of which frequently voice their desired destruction for America - and it spells out trouble. Not only is it a terrible idea but one in which the Clintons made a lot of money at the expense of U.S. citizens.

As Fox news reports“…the FBI gathered a multitude of documents, secret recordings, intercepted emails, financial records, and eyewitnesses accounts showing that Russian nuclear officials directed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton during the very time that Hillary Clinton presided over a governing body which unanimously approved the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium supply to Russia.”

John Solomon (The Hill) in speaking with Frank Gaffney stated, “The FBI had gathered significant evidence that Russia’s government controlled nuclear industry was bribing officials in the United States, receiving kick-back payments, engaging in a racketeering scheme, and in an extortion scheme. These are all the words that the FBI and the justice department used in their documents.”

There was also an FBI undercover witness who tried to go public with all this last year during the election. He received communication that if he didn’t withdraw his suit, his “reputation and liberty” would be harmed by the justice department.

We want to make sure you know where to do some digging for yourself to better understand this issue. If you read or listen to Conservative Review, Judicial Watch, National Review, Fox News, Mark Levin, or Frank Gaffney, you’ll be sure to hear about the criminally complicit. You’ll learn about the Clintons, Holder, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, the Obama administration and others in this uranium deal who are not only clogging the drain, but turning the swamp toxic.

Robert Mueller, who headed the FBI at the time of the uranium deal, reportedly had evidence of Clinton’s corrupt scheme, yet never informed Congress.  While Mueller ignored that serious collusion between Clinton and Russia, Mueller is now heading the investigation of supposed collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia leaving no stone unturned to find evidence against Trump where there seems to be none. 

Where is the justice in ignoring real scandals and real Russian collusion only to scour deep and wide for evidence of a Trump/Russia collusion that would appear non-existent?With so much available information that has been hidden from the public’s eyes for so long, why doesn’t President Trump order his own investigation into these atrocities? As Diana West said to Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio, The Trump Justice Department is now the obstacle; which means at this point we have to acknowledge, the Trump Justice Department is protecting the swamp.”

Instead of protecting the swamp, pray that President Trump will fight lawlessness by implementing justice and enforcing the rule of law once more. In addition, click here to encourage him to do so (see sample letter below).  Instead of handing out passes on criminal activity it’s time to hand out orange jump suits to those who have believed for so long that they are above the law. Let us restore “liberty and justice for all.”

A few links for your perusal:

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Sample Letter:

Dear Mr. President:

I commend your pledge to “drain the swamp” – in other words, to restore the rule of law.  If the rule of law is not restored, our Republic is in peril as corruption in high places continues to destroy our nation from within.  One of the most egregious examples of such corruption is the failure to investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton and associated colleagues from the Obama Administration for their documented corrupt sale of 20% of American uranium to Russian entities, while lining their own pockets.   I join millions of others who are outraged! 

Why does your Justice Department prevent such investigations?   Is there a different standard for the “privileged” and the common citizen?  We don’t want to lose confidence in your leadership. Please restore the rule of law - instruct the Department of Justice to investigate wrong doers and bring justice back to the Justice Department and to the United States of America.

Most Respectfully,

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