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What a busy weekend, but what a time of learning and encouragement! The American Decency Association hosted an event called, "The Sword of Truth or the Sword of Islam" this past Friday and Saturday in Fremont and Grand Rapids, respectively. Order your conference set today by calling or emailing Kimberly at 231-924-4050 or kimberly@americandecency.org.

In both locations we were honored to have Senator Colbeck with us to answer a few questions and open in prayer. Senator Colbeck is running for governor in Michigan and you’ll want to see for yourself where he stands on the issues. This is best done by going to www.colbeckforgovernor.com. Some strongly feel that the Democratic candidate will be Abdul El-Sayed. Look for us to report on both of these candidates; and also, research these men for yourself.

After Senator Colbeck, Becky De Nooy (Board member of ADA) came and shared from her heart about abortion and how people can be involved in a very tangible way. As she gave a list of those who need to be prayed for, I’m pretty sure that each person there ended up feeling like they would be on that list. These first two very short presentations alone would be worth getting the DVDs of this event.

ADA founder and president, Bill Johnson, started the events off with a very brief yet historical overview of what American Decency has done over the years. He focused not so much on the victories themselves as the fact that God was behind each and every one of them; thereby making good use of his title, “The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon.” Mr. Johnson continued with more contemporary victories and a look into future efforts, being led by the Spirit and the grace of God.

Desensitization has played a terrifying role in America’s moral decline and—short of God bringing a revival to the land—her demise! Having been made aware by the Spirit’s discerning, Bill has seen this moral callous thicken upon society’s conscience as a teacher, a truth-teller, and para-church organizer. As liberalism and Islam have worked hand in hand to destroy our nation, the church, and our freedom, we are ripe for the picking, much as Israel was in Habakkuk.

Who can witness these things without asking, “What must I do?” Mr. Johnson answered this question with a quote from Dr. Beeke’s Family Worship Bible Guide: Rebuilding the walls without returning to the Word of God would be foolish.Thus we see Bill’s heart for, and strong desire for, personal holiness and a staunch yet personal devotional life.

Hand and glove, this first presentation fit nicely with Dr. Norm De Jong’s instruction on “Confronting Islam: Dangers Within and Without.

Dr. De Jong started his presentation by addressing the church’s myopic view of God, only focusing on the love of God to the exclusion of His wrath. One such example would be taking a hard and long look at John 3:16 while pretending that verses 17-18 don’t even exist.

The ignoring of the whole of the gospel is, in part, responsible for the decline and demise of the church. As we ignore the wrath of God a vacuum is created, drawing in secular humanism, progressive education, the sexual revolution, etc. These hindrances to the church result in an ignorance and rejection of Biblical teaching.

The answer to this anemic Christianity is: “More fearless preaching from the pulpit!” Also more emphasis is needed on the Law and wrath of God, pointing out that “half-way Christianity is wrong.”

Recognizing the current state of the church, Dr. De Jong proceeded to tie this into the dangers of Islam within our nation. He began with an accurate history of Islam followed by “persistent misnomers” which we regularly hear or use.

It was of great interest to hear this teacher/preacher/pastor describe the real war we are facing, the similarities to and contrasts with Christianity. In all the facts, figures, disagreements and agreements, it comes down to two questions: What do you do with Jesus Christ? What about the cross?

These were very strong messages from such tender and godly men. They were very informative and presented good, doable actions to take for such a time as this. Don’t miss out; order your conference set today! Call Kimberly at 231-924-4050 or order at kimberly@americandecency.org.


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