De Jong/Saleem – Dutch Bingo and much more
Author: Bill Johnson  


The battle is the Lord’s and we are His workmanship.

Some of you are familiar with the term “Dutch Bingo.”   I’m not Dutch but I’m married to a VanSloten – that would be Dutch. 

Dutch Bingo, as I understand it is:  A game that many Dutchmen play when trying to figure out how they know each other, and/or how they probably are related.

Well, that being the case, featured speaker Dr. Norm De Jong would figure well in this “game” as seemingly wherever he goes here or abroad Norm is known – over in New Jersey he was a Christian school administrator, over in the Mideast he was a Bible teacher, over in Orland Park, Illinois, he was the organizing pastor of a new Orthodox Presbyterian Church; over in Iowa he was a professor at Dordt College for a number of years.  Norm De Jong was also the organizing pastor of our OPC church right here in Fremont, Michigan between 2008 and 2012.  And, I might add, an excellent pace setter for our new beginnings at what was Fremont OPC and now Bethel Reformed Church (OPC).    Dr. De Jong has also authored a number of books, including his recently released “The Cross and the Double-Edged Sword,” and is known for his excellence in creating Bible studies and leading them (Daniel, Revelation – just to name a few.)

So, indeed, we are looking forward to our upcoming conference scheduled for Friday evening,  October 13 (Fremont, Michigan) and  Saturday morning, October 14 (Grand Rapids, Michigan).  We are calling the events “The Sword of Truth or the Sword of Islam?”.

Continuing, As Dr. De Jong writes: “The primary rea­son I invested in The Cross & the Double- Edged Sword is because of the deep con­cerns I have for the church today. I am deeply concerned by what I call internal threats, but also external threats, one of the most terrifying is Islam.”

An example given in Dr. De Jong’s book.contrasts how ISIS guards the name of Allah with the abysmal failure of Christians to guard the precious treasure and the exclusivity of Jesus Christ.

It is a timely book for Christian lives today which are too often marked by lethargic, dutiful worship as opposed to worship that truly glorifies our God and King.

Kamal Saleem is our other featured speaker.  He has been a frequent speaker throughout our West Michigan area – for good reason.  He is valued for his selflessness, his knowledge not only of Shariah and the Koran, but for the variety of elements of the warfare that exists – warning, exhorting, and encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ!

Register early to ensure a seat.  (Particularly in Fremont – seating is limited to approximately 140  in the main auditorium.) 

Mark your calendar and plan to be with us either on Friday, October 13 at 7:00 PM at American Decency, in Fremont, MI or on Saturday, October 14 at 9:00 AM at Double Tree by Hilton, Grand Rapids, MI to hear powerful messages from these two men of God.

For more information and to register click here or call us at 231-924-4050.

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