The Enemy of My Enemy Is…
Author: Bill Johnson  


Perhaps you’ve heard the ancient proverb, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It implies that two opposing groups can work together against a common enemy.

We see that maxim playing out before our eyes as leftist, pro-homosexual groups align with Islamic, anti-homosexual groups to combat a common enemy. And the common enemy they’re seeking to destroyFreedom. Through overt violence and subversive infiltration, there is a concerted effort to obliterate our freedoms and the Christian values upon which our nation was founded.

Recently I heard former FBI agent John Guandolo (with speak of these threats as he was interviewed on Frank Gaffney’s daily broadcast. I came away saying to my wife, Jan, “That is the most concerning of Gaffney’s interviews that I have heard!”

“We are in the final stage of the Muslim Brotherhood insurgency,”he stated. What did John Guandolo mean by that very big statement? Is he some kind of a conspiracy theorist? I can readily tell you that he is not. He is, though, highly regarded in the security community, including by Frank Gaffney of The Center for Security Policy.

So what does that mean, “We are in the final stage of the Muslim Brotherhood insurgency?

Guandolo explains how the Muslim Brotherhood is following their systematic plan to transform our nation:It begins with training. It begins with organizing and then you get to the point where you do peaceful resistance and then you do more forceful resistance and then you do the hiijrah (large scale mass migrations). So that’s how they do it. The way the insurgency looks is they get in all aspects of society: the media, the political realm, the educational realm, the law enforcement, the security realm. And as we heard the guy who ran the combating terrorism and technical support office under irregulative warfare for the Pentagon say on national radio a year ago, ‘Muslim Brotherhood controls the National Security decision making process for the United States Government.’ And, they’ve done that by getting into our war colleges, The Joint Forces Staff College, the Command Staff College, the Army War College, into the universities where our government officials are trained and they control the message about Islam.”

Gaffney:“Talk about the left’s role in enabling this Islamic movement assault upon America. Their shared goals despite their seeming very different views on things like feminism, homosexuality, and Jews and the like."

Guandolo: “What’s interesting is the hard left Marxists: We see the Socialists Workers Party, the LGBT national movement joined together with Communist Party USA, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa with many, many other groups and they are cooperating with the Islamic movement. And, the shared goal is the overthrow of the U.S. Government.”

I watched hours of video from both Charlottesville and Seattle and other events like that, and one of the most interesting things was that numerous people on these videos identified themselves as Marxists or Communists and that they want a Communist system so that everybody is taken care of. They want the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic, the implementation of Communism. The Muslims want the overthrow of the government and the implementation of Shariah and a Caliphate.

What I describe is the leading edge now of the violence that we are starting to see. Our assessment at UTT (Understanding theThreat)is that this is unlike the other violence we’ve been seeing. When you put other events in context what’s happening in the Islamic movement and what’s happening elsewhere with these recent events of violence, our assessment is this is the leading edge of that final stage - of them starting to really ratchet violence up in the immediate future.”

Some will say, “We’ve seen these kinds of troubles before - back in the 1960s and early ‘70s with massive anti-war rallies and students protesting and taking over university and college administration offices.” Yet what we’re seeing now is vastly different and much more concerning. Their goal is to fundamentally transform our nation.

I feel compelled to warn again and again even though I don’t always want to. Sometimes I honestly wonder who cares. As one former FBI agent stated, “You are a watchman on the wall.”

Let us be diligent watchmen!

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