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Author: Bill Johnson  


The news today is NOT GOOD There is a strategy to take down President Trump and to ultimately undermine the U.S. Constitution.  How can anyone doubt that?

Is it about the lack of ability of President Trump?  Is Trump a racist?  A Nazi?   If you think that, what do you base that on? 

I have a past that would show that I have been attentive to news from a liberal perspective and news from a conservative perspective.  I have lived long enough to know that it does make a difference what sources you go to for your news.  Is it important?  It is vitally important!   Honesty and integrity will always be important.  (See below for some important links offering a different perspective on the news than what you’ll get from the mainstream media).

Charlottesville should come immediately to mind if you have been following the news in recent days. What is shaping your view upon this important news laden with serious societal long term implications?

Here is what I am coming away with at this point in time.

Protesting is a right protected under the U.S. Constitution.    

However, we are now at a point where those who are enemies of our freedom (Muslim Brotherhood, firstly and now others) have a strategy to use that very freedom against us.

Are you familiar with this now well publicized strategy:   “sabotaging its miserable house by their own hands.”    Meaning, of course, “they” use our system (which they characterize as dirty) against us.  In this case, using America’s greatest strengths against ourselves:  Finding a way to make freedom an immense vulnerability when in fact, it has been one of America’s most prized and treasured strengths.  But that is part and parcel of the “enemies” strategy. 

One of those ways is to empower protestors by paying outsiders to come into an area – to protest, create chaos, to create a strong impression that there is growing discontent with America, American history, and with President Trump.   

Secondly, conduct the demonstration in a location where the politics of the locale strongly align with their persuasion; directing the law enforcement to “stand down” leaving the citizenry unprotected. (In other words not protecting the citizen’s freedom to assemble).  Giving the impression that our government is caving under rapidly growing anger with President Trump and labeling him a fascist.  Editor’s note:  Seriously?
What hard or even soft information is there to suggest such a thing?    What would truly point to that?

And this:


And so, the “enemy” hunts, creates, prods and pokes for talking points, sound bytes (often taking out of context), news reporting as  stealthy propaganda, and taking advantage of people receiving it as news when it is largely just opinion seeking to advance their agenda.  (propagandizing) 

Case in point:  Donald Trump’s press conference on Tuesday, August 14, 2017 regarding Charlottesville.  Did you watch it for yourself?   I watched (not just sound bytes) the 13 minute press conference and was impressed with Trump’s forthrightness, fair-mindedness, patience and forbearance.    That isn’t the way that CNN and others reported it.  If you watch it, I think most of you would agree.  He did an admirable job.

A couple of days earlier Trump was vilified because it took Trump two days to come out with a strong statement that condemned both sides.  I heard his initial statement on the day of the Charlottesville fiasco.  It is utter ruthlessness the manner in which the media and a handful of people with name recognition vilified him for not coming out immediately with the condemnatory verbiage they deemed appropriate.  His initial words on the day were reasonable for an initial statement and his condemnatory message of two days later was solid. 

As I move toward closing, a couple of things come to mind.  

Have you heard of GASLIGHTING?  Before I provide the definition I suggest that we are seeing this “gaslighting.”  What is gaslighting?  It is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity.


The current list of supporting narratives being used  include:

• "Russia hacked the election" - illegitimate
• "Obstruction of Justice" - corrupt
• "Hiding Collusion" - dishonest
• "Putin Puppet" - treasonous

Backdrop Narratives. The backdrop to the meta and supporting narratives are cultural Marxist memes designed to sustain a general sense of loathing of President Trump and the America that elected him.

• "[meta] President Trump is illegitimate, [supporting] he was elected because of Russian hacking, [backdrop] and besides, he a racist, sexist xenophobe."

Adversaries utilize these interlocking narratives as a defensive political and information warfare screen that silences critics and smears supporters of President Trump. When people in the media question the behavior, actions and decisions of the Trump Administration's opponents, they are immediately said to be "working for the Russians" or "supporting Russian propaganda." Individual Americans who support the President are deemed "deplorable" and "racist."

 End State. Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that led to his election. Those individuals and groups seeking the destruction of President Trump actually seek to suffocate the vision of America that made him president. Hence, the end state is not just a delegitimized, destabilized, immobilized and possibly destroyed presidency; but also a demoralized movement composed of a large enough bloc to elect a president that subsequently become self-aware of its own disenfranchisement.

Taken from a memorandum written by Rich Higgins former NSC staffer forced out by NSC head General McMaster due to its expose of the strategy behind the “deep state.”  I consider it a must read.    

And one of the looming questions that many like-minded people are asking is - "What's with McMaster?  Why did he fire Higgins?

And, now, as of this afternoon, Steve Bannon has also been dismissed.

Lastly, I encourage you to listen to and/or read the following powerful links below.

Dinesh Dsouza interviews regarding the big lie about Charlottesville.  Powerful!

Diana West interviews with Frank Gaffney regarding First Amendment Rights and President Trumps remarks on Charlottesville

Historical revisionism by Ken Blackwell former mayor of Cincinnati.  Outstanding.

They smell blood in the water by Kevin Freeman.  Economic warfare.  Excellent!

I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve in such times as these seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.   God is merciful and He IS faithful!  

If you stayed with me through all of this, thank you.  I appreciate it.

Let us PRAY and stand together as we live in a broken world.

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