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Author: Bill Johnson  


“What we are up against is not dirty words and dirty pictures.”

Consider this quote from Donald E. Wildmon, founder of American Family Radio and American Family Radio: 

“What we are up against is not dirty words and dirty pictures. It is a philosophy of life which seeks to remove the influence of Christians and Christianity from our society. Pornography is not the disease, but merely a visible symptom. It springs from a moral cancer in our society, and it will lead us to destruction if we are unable to stop it.”

Don Wildmon saw it clearly as he always did. He fought like no one else in his long years as head of AFA and then later with the radio ministry he pioneered, American Family Radio.

In short, I stated the following in yesterday’s email alert:

We are still engaged in that warfare, but it’s been ramped up and it’s fronts have expanded to include the satanic conflict with Islam. Satanic? Yes, for Allah is no god and Islam is not just a religion, but a philosophy leading many to hell.

Those are strong words, but they are true.

Some of you may remember a “teach-in” that I attended at Calvin College – December 3, 2015

The so-called “teach-in” that I have referenced before at Calvin College - a college with rich theological history - still resonates within me as one of those historical, demarcation points worthy of remembering.

The way the information was handled at that infamous “teach in” with those young college students was not done honorably.

Then in January 2016 at Calvin’s annual January Series, one of their guest speakers was Eboo Patel. 

ADA’s Steve Huston was in attendance at our nearby Dogwood Center where it was being live-streamed.

Steve wrote about Patel’s “Interfaith Dialogue” presentation (February 2016 ADA newsletter) where Patel duped the masses - many giving Patel a standing ovation.  This was verified by a call I received from a medical doctor who was in attendance and was a Calvin alumni who was mortified at the lack of spiritual discernment on display. 

We didn’t know who Eboo Patel was then, but we do now.  He was one of President Obama’s insiders and influencers when it came to Muslims.  See Philip Haney’s book “See Something Say Nothing.”

Patel is a speaker, author, shaper of thought, and he isn’t just “greasing the skids”  at Calvin, but at nearby Hope College, Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College, and elsewhere.  

In West Michigan, the Kauffman Interfaith Institute is spreading the same squishy, Gospel-trashing message as Eboo Patel.  They operate on the campus of Grand Valley State University.  They have a nice publicity arm, which includes the Grand Rapids Press. Almost weekly the newspaper has an article in their Religion section featuring Interfaith Dialogue propaganda.  That section also appears in many of their affiliated newspapers in the MLive group, the parent company of many Michigan newspapers.

In our July 2017 newsletter, Steve Huston wrote an article describing with great disappointment and alarm the sham of the Kauffman Institute’s “Interfaith Dialogue” that took place in June on the Grand Rapids campus of Grand Valley State University. (That article can be found online at ADA’s website, under “Resources”.)

I was in attendance at that event that featured a Muslim author who was speaking in regard to his most recent book, “The Islamic Jesus. How the King of the Jews Became a Prophet of the Muslims.”

I was not called upon during the Question and Answer session, but I took the opportunity to go to the front afterwards to talk with one of the speakers, a Christian Reformed pastor.

Upon going to the front, I thought I recognized the man talking with him.  I asked “You’re Dr. Doug Howard aren’t you?”  He said “yes.”

I told him he might remember me from the Calvin  “teach-in.”  (Professor Howard was one of the presenters at Calvin’s “teach-in.”) 

I stated that my concern today was the same as my concern back then – which is that the “dialogue” was once again not an open discussion of two distinct points of view. Of course, he strongly denied that. 

I stated: “Why don’t we get together and pray and discuss these things?”
Doug Howard’s response was: “I’m not going to do that.”

I asked: “What?”
Howard: “I’m not going to because you (meaning me)are closed.”  I assume he was implying I was close-minded.

I said: “What?  I’m closed?   You are a Christian aren’t you?”
Howard:  “Yes” (seemingly insulted by my question). 

I said: “Well, I am also a Christian."

I turned to the Christian Reformed Pastor and stated to both of them:  “I have been an elder in the RCA (Reformed Church in America) and an elder with the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church).” 

It didn’t seem to mean anything.    I asked again to Doug Howard:  “So let’s get together and pray and discuss.” 

Howard again said: “As I said, I’m not going to change my mind.”

I said: “So you’re a Christian and I’m a Christian and you won’t pray with me?”

I said: “I can’t think of any place in the Bible where a Christian asked another Christian to pray and was turned down.  Can you?”

I turned to Pastor Jay Blankespoor and asked:  “Pastor would you pray with me?”

He said: “I regard Doug Howard.  He’s a member in my church.”

I said: “So you are saying you won’t pray and discuss with me either, Pastor?”  He didn’t answer. 

My discussion was all over at that point.  

I wasn’t hollering or speaking angrily.  I was firm and direct, but my voice wasn’t raised.

I might also add that the pastor, Jay Blankespoor, stated that their church, Boston Square Christian Reformed Church, would soon be meeting with an Islamic Center to come together in Interfaith Dialogue.

I chose to detail the above because of the rudeness by which I was received by these two men.    I have witnessed firsthand at Calvin how they handled my expressions of concern that their teach-in was grossly imbalanced.  I experienced firsthand at the Kauffman Interfaith Institute gathering a rejection of my polite request to pray and discuss with me.  I failed in these situations to see a heart for the exclusivity of Jesus Christ.  Bridge building to ....where?  is my concern regarding the Interfaith Movement.

“You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed,   nor shall there be any after me.  I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior.  ~ Isaiah 43:10-11

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