The Incarceration of Truth
Author: Lisa Van Houten  

“A new Michigan Department of Corrections policy is opening the door for more transgender inmates to receive hormone therapy treatments,” WOOD-TV reports.  Not only will the policy allow for hormone therapy, but will potentially provide “gender reassignment” surgery for prisoners.

According to the WOOD-TV article, if a prisoner is deemed to be “transgender,” “a specific treatment plan will be put together for the prisoner. A plan could include specific living conditions, like a single cell, access to toilets and showers with ‘relative privacy,’ and gender-conforming clothes and other items.”

So who will foot the bill for these treatments, sex-change surgeries, and additional costs?

“That will come out of our general fund budget, so that is taxpayer funded,”said Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson Chris Gautz.  

Gautz stated that previous to this new policy, families of inmates would have to cover the cost of hormone therapy.  Now it’s the tax-payers who will pay for hormones and elective sex change operations for criminals - when many law-abiding citizens can’t cover their own sky-rocketing healthcare costs.

David Diniell, from the radical leftist organization Southern Poverty Law Center, said that Michigan’s new transgender prison policy is one of the “more progressive” in the nation.

This follows the trend started in California which recently paid for the first sex reassignment surgery for a prison inmate, Rodney James Quine, who was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and robbery in 1981.  Quine, with his new “female” body, now goes by the name “Shiloh,” and is currently being housed in a women’s prison.

California has also proposed allowing male prison inmates who “identify” as women, to have access to personal items such as feminine undergarments and cosmetics.  Women who “identify” as men could have boxer underwear and aftershave.

This transformation, even of our prisons, is another indication of the increasing pressure to not only tolerate, but embrace the LGBT agenda.   As a result, we see societal capitulation at every level. 

God’s Word tells us that these days would come - and we are seeing them unfold right before our eyes. 

However, it’s not a time for hand-wringing.

As R.C. Sproul writes: “We are called in our generation to be faithful to the gospel, for the honor of God is at stake. And when the honor of God is at stake, so is the honor of every human being, for it is God who grants dignity to men and women. Our high calling is to remain faithful to the Lord in this struggle, to fight for the truth of God’s Word and not to compromise.”  

Click here to send a message to the Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections regarding this policy that is a fiscal abuse of taxpayer funds and a betrayal of the moral values of millions of citizens.

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