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Before we give our important reminder regarding our showing the powerful movie tomorrow, I want to first highlight the following new DVD with Kamal Saleem that we have (and that will shortly be on our website) which you truly won't want to miss.  We will have a stack of this Kamal Saleem interview DVDs tomorrow night at ADA headquarters as we prepare to show the movie "The Case for Christ."

Bill Johnson and Kamal Saleem interview:  Just a few days ago I interviewed my friend Kamal Saleem for nearly 60 minutes.  I just finished previewing the interview in its entirety and I must say - though I don't often comment upon such things, “I was really pleased with how this particular interview came out.”  I guess mainly because we do have a close friendship that comes through loud and clear but also because of its cutting edge material.  Some of the questions asked and the answers given by Kamal are not questions or answers that you have ever heard before.

Questions such as:  "If you were to see a Mosque getting built in your neighborhood, would you be uncomfortable?" 

Join us tomorrow and pick up this compelling DVD with Kamal Saleem!


If you’ve been in a Christian book store or flipped through the pages of a Christian book catalogue, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Lee Strobel’s best-selling book,” The Case for Christ.”

Having sold over 5 million copies, Strobel’s look at the evidence for Christ has been far reaching - sparking several sequels and accompanying Bible studies, a compelling telecast seminar (which we at ADA hosted a few years ago), and now a feature film made by Pure Flix studio.

As Strobel explains in his book, it was his perception of Christianity as a threat to his marriage that drove Strobel to take a look at all the available evidence regarding the claims of the Bible.

The movie follows Strobel as he uses his experience as an investigative journalist to debunk the new-found faith of his wife.

Christianity Today calls this movie, “among the best films yet produced by the Christian film industry.”

Secular publication “Variety” says it “likely will impress even dedicated nonbelievers with its willingness to place as much emphasis on empirical evidence as on blind faith.”

We hope you can join us as we host a free showing of “The Case for Christ” tomorrow, Friday, July 14 at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM in the American Decency Association auditorium at 203 E Main St. in Fremont.

Have a friend who has questions about Christianity? This movie could be a great conversation starter and may provide some answers!

We’d love to see you there!

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