Issues were divisive, men took upon arms and yet …
Author: Bill Johnson  


Last week Jan and I had the opportunity to drive through the historic Gettysburg battlefield as we were in Pennsylvania engaged in a family project. 

I (sometimes with Jan) have probably visited Gettysburg at least 12 times over the years as our daughter Jenny married a man from Pennylvania back in 1999.  Her husband Chris is a senior pastor and along with being the parents of three, they live very busy lives - though deeply blessed by God.

Gettysburg is hallowed grounds as you would know if you are or ever have been attentive to history.  Lincoln’s Gettysburg address should come immediately to mind.  That battle of Gettysburg was fought in July 1863 (July 1-3).  If you have ever visited Gettysburg, certain stops along the way perhaps caught your attention.  For example:   the Gettysburg National Cemetery where President  Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address and where 3,500 Union soldiers are buried, the immense statue of Robert E. Lee (The state of Virginia Monument) on his horse Traveler, Little Round Top (one of the truly key battles that took place on that bloodied battlefield in 1863), and, of course, Pickett’s charge where, in last ditch efforts, 12,000 Confederate soldiers advanced across a wide open field under the cannon and gun fire of Union forces - with over 50% casualties.

But, this isn’t what this email alert is all about.  It would be pure idiocy to suggest that this war between the North and the South (the Civil War) didn’t have a huge impact upon this nation.  If time or space permitted, I would count the ways. 

Though what I have written here is very incomplete and brief, I wonder if you, like me, find your interest rather easily peeked at the mere mention of this war, famous names, immense risks taken, high stakes, blood shed, and President Lincoln’s very brief but famous speech “The Gettysburg Address.”

Are you going through a time of lethargy and doldrums?   Why not pick up a book on this important chapter of our nation’s history?    The variety of books available on the subject are immense. 

Dig in.  Dig deep and reawaken your heart, mind, and soul to a period of time in our history when the lines were drawn, issues were divisive, men took up arms and yet America was not ultimately destroyed, but united over time by God’s grace and mercy.

May God bless America!  Pray for our leaders and our soldiers in these days of immense need - when in many ways we are once again a nation divided.

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