Tomorrow Night!—Kamal Saleem at Fremont Wesleyan Church
Author: Steve Huston  


Tomorrow night, hear a story of God’s awesome grace, Christian brotherly love, and one man’s life turned from murderous intent to compassionate love. Friday, June 9 at 7 PM Kamal Saleem will be sharing his testimony at the Fremont Wesleyan Church (918 Garden Ave, Fremont, MI.). This former PLO and Muslim Brotherhood operative is now an ambassador of Christ, sharing his experiences of how God’s mighty hand of providence and grace transformed his life.

There are reports of Kamal being a fake; but—as Bill Johnson says—“he’s the real deal.” Beyond that, if Kamal was a fake, he wouldn’t have spent a lot of time being vetted by General Jerry Boykin and Dave Agema without being found out.

Kamal’s website—koome ministries—offers a comprehensive DVD set explaining both “the ugly truth of the threat of Islamic extremism” and “the beautiful truth of the hope for Muslim redemption” which is only found in Jesus Christ. In this set (The Unveiling), Kamal teams up with General Jerry Boykin and Tom Doyle to explain the harsh realities of Islam and the hopeful truth of Jesus.

According to this one-time Islamic terrorist, 98% of mosques teach radical Islam. Listen to a recent interview where Kamal speaks about Islam, Ramadan, and last week’s London ISIS attacks - click here. This jihadist turned Christian has a unique and truthful insight into these things. The interviewer is Stacy Harp, who used to write the persecution blog for Voice of the Martyrs. This interview will give you some insight into who Kamal is and help you see his heart for America, Christ, and the deceived Muslim community.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear Kamal Saleem in person as he shares his life story and gives a personal warning about Islam and the jihadists’ desire to take over America. Tomorrow night at 7 PM, go to the Fremont Wesleyan Church which is located at 918  Garden Avenue in Fremont, Michigan. You won’t be disappointed.

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