Daisy Brook resumes Release Bible Time
Author: Bill Johnson  


An elementary school in Fremont, Michigan, Daisy Brook, was in the news in the past few weeks  -  not only in West Michigan, but nationwide (WZZM, Christian Postand Worldnetdailyand Foxnews.)

The news was that Fremont Public Schools had cancelled a Released Bible Time due to a complaint from one parent assisted, of course, by an all too ready “civil rights” organization (which was also in the news in the past few years for getting a cross on a hillside on public property removed.)    

Upon receiving this “threat,” Fremont Public did announce cancellation for the two release time meetings yet remaining for the year, presumably to assess the complaint in the interim (during summer break).

Such news can be disheartening to schools (Christian and public for that matter) who do allow for Released Bible Time (Released Time is a FREE ministry designed to provide Biblical training to the more than 53 million public school students in the United States.)

Michigan state law permits it and has for years. 

So, my brief note (just to set the record straight since it’s essentially in our backyard) is simply to say that as some news organizations are now finally reporting, Fremont Public Schools will resume Released Bible Time next year as they continue in compliance to the laws of our state.

As a former fourth grade teacher at Daisy Brook Elementary, myself, for 11 years, I just wanted to make it clear that the school system didn’t just tuck its tail and cower, but rather took time out to reassess the situation to ensure that they were abiding by the law.  And they are. 

For all of those parents who expressed concern to the Fremont school administration.  Good for you!!!!  Some things are especially worth standing up for! 

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