Walmart –their HRC index and comments and conclusions - for now
Author: Bill Johnson  


Last week (May 24) I wrote the following: 
Stay with me as I include comments from others below

Most of you know by now that the Human Rights Campaign has “awarded” Wal-Mart a

100%. A perfect score. That’s the rating Walmart recently received from the world’s largest pro-homosexual lobbying group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC).   HRC rates companies based on their support for the homosexual and transgender agenda, publishing that rating in HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index” (CEI).

In recent years the Walmart Corporation has been a sponsor of lewd-filled “Gay Pride” parades and has funded homosexual activist groups such as the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute.

But Walmart’s support of the LGBTQ agenda doesn’t stop there – and it didn’t begin there either.

WALMART - a perfect score on HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index” – I just don’t want us to lose sight of this reality. 

They can’t have it both ways. If a company such as Walmart tries to play both sides of the field and also support pro-natural marriage causes, HRC penalizes their rating by 25%. Obviously, Walmart’s 100% pro-homosexual rating indicates they aren’t even attempting to remain neutral in this culture war. 

I asked the following: 

I would like to assemble the thoughts of as many as possible.  

Here are your responses:

Dear Mr. Johnson,
We aren't against, we STAND FOR CHRIST! 
Haven't shopped either Target or Wal-Mart for years and would support whatever we can to hinder the spread of their anti-biblical agenda.
In Christ  - LST

I don't shop at Walmart any more.  I am able to order things online.

Hi Bill.  So sad that Walmart has decided to behave like Target.  I remember years ago when we were boycotting Kmart, and this was my first experience of this kind, my commitment was to only go there if I needed to.  If it was for my own need or convenience, I would enter a Kmart store, but it didn't happen very often.

However, I have not entered a Target store since their "big announcement" and the boycott was started.  Once in a while I find a blouse or something at Walmart that I like; however, I will no longer do that.  Granted I live in a metropolitan area and have access to many stores. And of course we have online shopping nowadays.

So those are my thoughts, Bill, however it helps your survey.  Thanks for being a faithful brother, both to the Lord and to the rest of us.





  You asked for feedback, so here it is.  First of all, thank you so much for e-mails such as this one, informing your constituencies of the anti-Christian causes that they support if/when their consumer expenditures go to companies like Walmart and Target.  I consider myself moderately well-informed and of course knew about the AFA boycott of Target.  I did not know just how bad Walmart is, and thus thank you for informing me.  I doubt that I’m alone.

 Please keep up your good work.

Blessings, T.B.

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your recently published Wal-Mart article.  You may be surprised to know that you barely scratched the surface, so I have attached an eVALUEator Wal-Mart report for you.



Has there been any research on Dollar General?  Most rural communities have one of these and they are a nice alternative for much of our weekly shopping that would normally be done at Wal-Mart.

No problem with boycotting Walmart as we did Target. Thanks and God Bless You!

A few words: at least they're not letting men in women's dressing rooms...yet. The choices even in a city are abysmal. Fry's has been promoting March of Dimes and Susan G. Komen. So I don't shop there. Walgreen's messed up a prescription so badly that it was a serious setback in fighting the disease. CVS carries the abortion pill. I don't go to Home Depot, either, because of their exposure of children to "gay pride" parades. So what does Lowe's do? Darned if I know, but I don't have any illusions.

I boycott when I can, speak up when I can. But the entire culture is rotten to the core. We just have to endure, do the best we can.

I recommend we take on the worst of the worst. If they fail, other companies will change their tune. Keep on with Target. I think they will fail. Then WalMart may well change their tune. Pray that they do.



Dear Bill and staff,

Does Walmart also support the restroom transgender laws? 

My thoughts:  Although I boycott Target and will do the same with Walmart, now that I know...I would first start with a mass appeal to ask many Christian organizations to put out an e-mail to their supporters to ask they contact Walmart  to state the following:  As Christians, we do not oppose that homosexuals work in different companies (all people have a right to be able to support themselves and their families), but to 'celebrate' the homosexual lifestyle is wrong on many levels.  (You would be able to elaborate more on this, as you are much more eloquent than I!)  We are asking our supporters to boycott Walmart until such time as the company does not 'celebrate' such depravity in lifestyles.  (and if they'd like to know how much our boycott power can affect their bottom line, check Target!)

Sexual sin is sexual sin, whether it be homosexual or heterosexual and leads to the breakdown of morals and values in our society.  Where we used to frown upon adultery and homosexuality, and have a healthy fear of the consequences of such actions, now it's an 'anything goes' society and we're all paying the price, especially our children.   Our children deserve to grow up in a society that has morals and values, not confusion and misinformation about what's right and wrong.

Bless you all for speaking out and for the work you do in His name!



Well shucks!!!  I cut up my credit card to Target and mailed it to the CEO with a note.  I had already stopped shopping there, unless I was invited to a shower and that was the only place where they were registered – because they stopped letting the Salvation Army bell ringers be in front of their store before Christmas.  But now if I am invited to a shower and that is the only place where they are registered, they just have to take whatever I get for them.  That disgusts me about Walmart.  I don’t go there much because it is always so busy, and I can’t find a close parking place, and I’m old and my knees are shot, and by the time I park and then shop, I’m in agony.  It is not a Super Walmart, but there is one being built behind it.  I live in a small town.  I will let the manager know how I feel about it, and ask for the address of headquarters, and let them know how I feel about it.  I do not understand why they choose to back up a small percentage of the population, and the perverse number at that.  I saw that Snickers is going to come out in rainbow packages, so I won’t buy Snickers any more.  I thank you, Bill Johnson, for keeping us informed about the indecency of businesses.  EMGl


Michigan residents and those in neighboring states have the option of shopping at Meijer stores.  So far, they are responsive to family/moral concerns.  Cosmopolitan magazines have a shield over them in the check-out lanes.  I haven’t observed any overtly vulgar merchandise.  At least in our area, Meijer stores are in rural areas and small towns as well as larger cities.  Meijer stores carry groceries and just about anything else one would need.


Conclusions:    Here is my take:

1.  “Our” people are boycotting Target. Target’s bathroom issue was just simply the last straw.

2. There is little awareness of Walmart’s 100% pro-homosexual rating. 

3. There are still those who upon having knowledge about particular companies do boycott those supporting, endorsing and promoting godlessness (whether it’s on a national scale or smaller scale) .   

4.  Others don’t have time to diligently research the full landscape of businesses to make an informed decision, knowing that it’s only a handful of companies that stay “unspotted.” They might say:  “So I just do the best I can with the time and information that I have.  It still matters to me, however.”

5.  Many now see that depravity engulfs most of corporate America and feel helpless in making an impact, saying “what’s the use.”

6.    I received a comment from a staff person with the Timothy Plan (I sit on the Board of Trustees of Timothy Plan) who made available a resource this organization uses with and for their clients called the eVALUEator.  It is an on-line (by subscription) resource the Timothy Plan uses that thoroughly researches companies to screen out those which may have affiliations with pornography, gambling, abortion, tobacco, alcohol, anti-family entertainment and alternative lifestyles.

Timothy Plan uses the evALUEator to assist would be investors whose life purposes include investing their monies only with those companies that undermine traditional Judeo-Christian values, striving to be good stewards of all that God entrusts to them.

For information on eVALUEators breakdown of Walmart click here - look at Walmart and its affiliations with problematic products, services and/or policies. 

In closing, there is AMPLE reason to boycott Walmart.  We at American Decency Association have successfully led a national boycott of Abercrombie and Fitch in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  As a result, A&F discontinued the production and sale of its pornographic catalog.    Little by little at that time there was societal resolve to boycott Abercrombie & Fitch. 

In regard to Walmart, I am at least doing what I can to make you aware that when you are doing business with Walmart, you are NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH a corporation that has family values in mind.  This is a company that the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign has “awarded” Wal-Mart a 100%. A perfect score.

Lastly, I would say this:  Speaking from our own local experience, I can say that at the least at some locations – local Walmart managers upon hearing from its individual customers will pull certain items that are found to be offensive – like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, or a “Fifty Shades of Grey” display, etc..

Local folks can be and often are cooperative.  Still Walmart national is what it is.  And, without massive internal change at the top they will continue to receive HRC’s 100% rating!   Very, very troubling! 

Click here to send a message to Walmart, urging them to return to their founding values.

Or Contact: 

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Doug McMillon – CEO
702 SW 8th St
Bentonville, AR  72716

Corporate # - 479-273-4000
Customer Feedback – 800-925-6278

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