Why do the nations rage? Hear, discuss, pray
Author: Steve Huston  


When:  June 2-4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Where: The Shack Country Inn, 2263 W. 14th Street, White Cloud, MI  49349

What a great way to start your summer.  Join us at The Shack this weekend for our Why Do the Nations Rage conference. Not only will we enjoy a beautiful and serene setting, we’ll encounter a beautiful spirit as men and women of God encourage us to holy and prayerful living in the midst of these perilous times. God has provided speakers for this conference who are knowledgeable of what is going on around us and will teach us godly application—showing us the answer to the question: “How shall we then live?”

We urge you to make time in your busy schedules for one or both days, even if you won’t be spending the night at The Shack. These are needed messages for such a time as this!

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT(June 2), at 7:15 pm, Ron Workman will address the question, “Why do the nations rage?” as only one with a pastor’s heart can. You won’t want to miss out on this gentle—yet bold—perspective, shedding Biblical light on today’s contemporary world scene.

Following this opening address will be a time of Bill Johnson asking Dave Agema questions surrounding the theme The Peoples Plot in Vain. These will be very pointed questions; questions like—“Discuss briefly the state or condition, the make-up of the Democratic Party in these last generations.   Similarly discuss the Republican Party.”

Dave is always a no-nonsense, candid person. His vast experience in the political process and strong stand for Christian, conservative values not only make him uniquely qualified to address this topic but also puts him often in the middle of controversy.

In a recent Facebook post Mr. Agema writes: “Kids are being taught Islam in some of our schools. That's the beginning of civilization jihad. Even their holidays are listed on school calendars. We can't teach Christianity, but they can teach Islam. Anyone see a problem here? Can we teach Christianity in their schools in the Middle East? No! They kill Christians for simply being Christians. The Trojan house continues to insert stealth jihad. Wake up America. It's part of their plan for world domination and it starts with your kids.

If you’re not spending the night at The Shack, make sure you arrive early enough, on Saturday morning, that you don’t miss out on Mary Beeke’s presentation on the “Reformation of our families.”(Starts 9 AM) With the breakdown of the family—both within and outside the church—we are in desperate need of this kind of teaching and its application in our families. What a blessing to have such a tender-hearted and godly speaker for this conference.

Next in the lineup is author and speaker Pastor Terry Slachter. With his burden for the body of Christ to become a people of prayer, he will be speaking on “The Lord sits on His Holy Hill.” Prayer is as vital to the Christian as breathing is to everyone. Expect to feel and better understand the urgency for this means of grace as Pastor Slachter expresses our need of, and leads the way to, our Lord sitting on His Holy Hill. Keeping His promise, the Lord will supply as you apply these principles to your life. (Psalm 50:15; Hebrews 4:16)

To get a taste of Pastor Terry Slachter’s heart for people and prayer click hereor here.

Closing out this conference, there will be a worship service on Sunday morning. Dr. Beeke will be bringing a message focusing on this weekend’s theme from Psalm 2. Dr. Beeke has been a good friend to this ministry and we are looking forward to hearing how the Holy Spirit will use this man of God.

Of course there will be other opportunities for learning; see this weekend’s schedule for more information, click here(found at the end of article).

This is not “just another conference.” This is an opportunity to look closely at the world in which we now live, recognize that the situations we face are given to us by God’s sovereign hand, realize that we have a responsibility to act in a holy manner to these situations, and that it will require nothing less than the power of God—working in and through us—to meet that God-given responsibility.

As with each conference we hold, this will be an opportunity to gather with like-minded brothers and sisters. It’s amazing how God uses each individual. Enjoy conversations with one another over a meal, banana split, in passing, or after a session. These are times of real spiritual refreshing and renewal. For your own good and for the benefit of others, make time to join us at The Shack this weekend—June 2-4.

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