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Dave Agema?  Many of us in the West Michigan area and throughout the state of Michigan know the name Dave Agema.

Dave will be one of our featured speakers for a time of question and answer at The Shack on June 2-3.  See schedule of events.  Here

You don’t need to be an overnight guest to attend – just come for any or all of the presentations. For the location, times, and the schedule of speakers see below. 

As I stated in front of our group of volunteers this morning at American Decency, Dave Agema is probably the most conservative Christian politician in Michigan (though he is not serving in an elected position at this time).  Dave, as you may, know served most recently as a National Republican Committeeman and was a delegate at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this past summer. 

Some in the liberal Republican ranks have considered Dave to be controversial - though it’s a good controversial as he has stood for Biblical marriage and contested the legitimization of “same sex marriage” and the LGBT agenda.  When he was serving in the state house, he also staunchly pushed (and was ultimately opposed) for the passage of legislation to prohibit the encroaching of Sharia law within our courts – American Laws for American Courts.

The theme of our weekend conference is “Why do the Nations Rage”.   Dave will be one of the messengers for the weekend as we deal with questions that are in his zone – controversial and “right now” – dealing with the issues we see unfolding before us in the evening news.  His voice is needed more than ever!

Here are a few examples of questions:

1.  Discuss briefly the state or condition, the make-up of the Democratic Party in these last generations.   Similarly discuss the Republican Party.

2.  The term RINO comes to mind.  What is a RINO?   Is Paul Ryan a RINO?   Mitch McConnell?

3.  How can it be a good thing that President Trump is deal-making with the Saudi President to the tune of nearly $400 billion dollars?   What does such decision-making portend regarding American policy and Islam?

For a taste of what’s in store at The Shack, check out this past video of Dave Agema speaking at ADA from 2014. Here


You don’t need to be an overnight guest to attend – just come for any or all of the presentations. For the location, times, and the schedule of speakers see below or give us a call at 231-924-4050 for more information. Hope to see you there!

When:  June 2-4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Where: The Shack Country Inn, 2263 W. 14th Street, White Cloud, MI  49349

Weekend Schedule

Friday night

7:00 PM - Welcome and opening:  Bill Johnson, President of ADA
7:15 PM - “Why do the nations rage?” - Pastor Ron Workman
8:05 PM - “The peoples plot in vain” - Dave Agema (Q and A ) with Bill Johnson
9:00 PM - Banana splits and fellowship


9:00 AM - Mary Beeke: “Reformation of our families”
9:45 AM - Terry Slachter:  “The Lord sits on His Holy Hill”
10:45 AM - Break
11:00 AM - Panel Discussion - (M. Beeke, Agema, Slachter, Workman)
12:00 PM - Lunch served
12:30 PM - Free time
4:15 PM - A few words from Bill Johnson plus PRTS book table
4:30-5:15 PM - Panel Discussion - ADA staff 
5:30 PM - Buffet Dinner served
7:15 PM - Music ministry
8:30 PM - Banana split and fellowship

Sunday morning

8:00-9:00 AM - Buffet breakfast
9:30 AM - Worship service - Dr. Joel Beeke
10:30 AM - Closing and send off

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