Walmart – important reminder regarding their HRC index
Author: Bill Johnson  


As I wrote yesterday, we just finished our June newsletter; a bigger struggle than usual.  Yesterday, I mentioned one reason why:  The “take” on President Trump’s Mideast strategy and his speech in Saudi ArabiaHere

Included in this June newsletter is an IMPORTANT REMINDER  regarding Wal-Mart. 

Most of you know by now that the Human Rights Campaign has “awarded” Wal-Mart a 100%. A perfect score. That’s the rating Walmart recently received from the world’s largest pro-homosexual lobbying group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC). HRC rates companies based on their support for the homosexual and transgender agenda, publishing that rating in HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index” (CEI).

In recent years the Walmart Corporation has been a sponsor of lewd-filled “Gay Pride” parades and has funded homosexual activist groups such as the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute.

But Walmart’s support of the LGBTQ agenda doesn’t stop there – and it didn’t begin there either. (Click here for a PDF of our entire article regarding Walmart.)

WALMART- a perfect score on HRC’s “Corporate Equality Index” – I just don’t want us to lose sight of this reality.  

Walmart’s support for the homosexual agenda is not a new development. Their 100% rating from HRC (up from 90% last year) reveals that the so-called “family friendly” corporation is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

They can’t have it both ways. If a company such as Walmart tries to play both sides of the field and also support pro-natural marriage causes, HRC penalizes their rating by 25%. Obviously, Walmart’s 100% pro-homosexual rating indicates they aren’t even attempting to remain neutral in this culture war. 

One particular friend of this ministry recently came to me burdened over this dilemma.  Her response has since been (1) to contact Walmart headquarters, (2)  talk to her local Walmart manager, and (3)  to buy only that which she can’t readily find elsewhere here in our rural community.

Now that you know where the Walmart Corporation stands, what will your response be? Where should we go instead?  Target?  Target which also has a 100% score from HRC’s “corporate Equality Index?”  Of course not!  Most of all of you are fully aware of AFA's boycott of Target!

Some of you live in large metropolitan areas where you have many other shopping options and so a boycott of Walmart is the choice you will make.

Some of you live in rural areas where your options are few to almost nil.

Others feel overwhelmed, so another thing like shopping here and there when you can get it all done at Walmart is what you “feel” you must do. 


I would like to assemble the thoughts of as many as possible. 
Even just a few short words would be helpful.

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