Malware in the News May Not Be the Worst News!
Author: Steve Ensley  


In light of recent news coming out of the tech world, we are so pleased to have people like Internet Security Specialist Steve Ensley on our side. Steve has been a close friend, both to our ministry and personally. The following is his important and informed perspective on the recent cyber attacks.

I think we have all seen the hubbub over the WannaCry malware and possible new variants. The anxiety over these destructive worms is totally justified for sure, but ... I believe there is web content that is far more destructive and has lifelong impact that goes way beyond some lost files or personal information (as bad as that is).

Does anyone care anymore about the decline of moral values? You know - things like folks busting up their own neighborhood because they think they don't like someone, majority of couples hooking up before marriage, vulgarity and meanness everywhere, stalking, child molesting, all these things that destroy a people - exhibiting an out of control culture and people!  Does anyone care?      

I have been in technology for over 45 years and quite frankly the Internet, as wonderful as it is, has been a major contributor to the debauchery of our culture. I find it ironic that we filter our water, put wet wipes at every location, spend billions on health care and medications, yet there seems to be a dearth of concern for the mental and spiritual health of our children and families when it comes to the Internet!

Every immoral behavior known to mankind is not only available, but is elevated and praised on the Internet. I AM NOT saying all Internet activity is bad, I am saying there is a dark side to the Internet that as a culture we seem to ignore. How bad does it have to get before we wake up to this danger, this moral evil? Internet safety has to be diligently and persistently pursued, it doesn't just happen! There are tools that can help... you can find out more about this at

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