Ostrich or Eagle—Which are You?
Author: Steve Huston  

Two birds—an ostrich and an eagle—both have wings, feathers, feet, and a head; yet they are vastly different. One soars high, taking all in view and can zero in on an object in an instant, diving at incredible speeds to grab hold of its tasty morsel. It holds on tenaciously, ready to feed. An ostrich, on the other hand, is said to stick its head in the sand believing itself to be safe. Resembling a two-year old playing peek-a-boo, “If I can’t see you, you’re not there. All is good.”

When it comes to dealing with the truth, we live in a world consisting mostly of ostriches and eagles. There are those of us who, like the eagle, need to know the truth and search high and low for it, regardless of the feelings or fear that may accompany it. We want to zero in on it, with all its surrounding details, and grasp it to feed on it. We would rather be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie. After all, “knowledge is power” and “the best offence is a good defense,” right?

On the other hand there are those who resemble the proverbial ostrich, finding greater comfort in ignorance. Within our government and within society at large, we see a large number of people who—instead of seeking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—seek out lies, a skewing of the facts, and “blessed” ignorance. After all, “if it hurts my feelings” or “if it goes against my agenda,” it’s bad, right?

In a recent article, written by Bruce Bawer at P.J. Media, asking, “What Happened in France? How could Marine Le Pen have lost in a landslide?” Bawer gives apt descriptions of those whom I have labeled “eagles” and “ostriches.”

He calls the “eagles,” “those of us to whom the truth matters, and who wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if we didn't face the truth, however difficult, and try to act responsibly on it.”The eagles thinking is,“it can be hard to conceive that not everyone thinks about these things in the same way that we do.

And upon describing the “ostriches”: “…some people don't want to know the truth. And if they do know the truth, they want to un-know it.”“Ostrich” thinking is, “Their highest value isn't truth or virtue or beauty or even long-term security for them and their families but the ability to buy another day without major trouble.”

The mainstream media makes it difficult for eagles to eat while it feeds the ostrich with all manner of false fodder. This is especially true when it comes to Islam, conservative/liberal principles, and the current administration. Attacks come from news sources, Hollywood, educational systems, and political pundits.

Tom Sawyer never did as good a job of whitewashing as the mainstream media does with Islam. Jihadist terror has its roots in Islam’s teaching and writings; but the media covers the truth like a burqua covers the Muslim woman. The difference being, the Muslim’s motive is modesty while the media’s goal is to squelch the truth for the sake of “political correctness.”

The truth is easy enough to find if one is willing to think for themselves or to look for it. After all, even in third world countries the truth can be found on the internet. Americans have the truth available to them in many formats and from many venues, but too many—even “good” conservatives—just keep burying their heads in the sand.

“It’s just another religion”—forget the fact that the tenets of Islam teaches that all are to be forced into submission or death, and dig a hole for your head.

“It’s a religion of peace”—ignore the truth of these jihadist attacks as they shout, “Allahu Akbar!” Dig the hole a little deeper and wider.

“Islamophobia”—I don’t want to be called a hater”—stick your head in the sand…

“Extreme Islamic jihad isn’t Islam”—put your head in a little deeper…

“Our government will vet these refugees”—read this article and sink your head a little deeper yet…

“The Interfaith Dialogue Movement is a way to reach out to them”—read here, shove the exclusivity of Christ into your back pocket; push your head a little deeper into the sand, and listen while the blade is sharpened.

“Public school education of our children about Islam is good, but they’d better not teach anything about Christianity.”—look at the picture at the top of this article and see the fate of those who bury their head in the sand.

Inform yourself regarding the truth of Islam and the Interfaith Dialogue Movement. Learn what is happening in our government. Understand what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing here and abroad and see their many and various ties. With an eagle-eye, search out the truth and teach it to others. Know their history, our history, and don’t be fooled.


Now for the truth about the ostrich…it doesn’t really bury its head in the sand. That is nothing more than a myth. With a small head, a large body, and the sand, it only appears to put its head in the sand. Appearances can be deceiving; look closely into the above statements.

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