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Author: Steve Huston  


Nations have always raged and will continue to do so until the end of time. Differing ideologies are generally what causes nations to rage against each other and for some to rage against themselves, reminding us of the destruction of civil war.

In Psalm chapter 2 we read about nations raging, uniting for the express purpose of standing against God and His Son, Jesus the anointed one. In truth, today the nations rage because of sin and their desire to throw off the sovereign truths of almighty God. But there will come a day when they will purposefully unite against God, only to have the Creator of all laugh in their face, override their plans, and continue—as always—with His own divine will and plan. What an awesome God we serve!

This is truly a very interesting and timely topic! Looking around us, we see this great raging and division within our own country. Broaden your scope of view and see countries around the world raging against God (Islamic nations where Christians are maimed, jailed, and killed), against their own people (Syria, most recently), and nation against nation.

Where can one go to learn and be encouraged in the face of such timely truths? Where can one go to hear speakers who come from different walks of life speak into such an important topic as this? Imagine having a good political mind, an international speaker and prolific author, time-tested pastors who believe in the power of prayer, a pastor’s wife with a heart for families, and the leader of an organization which stands for holiness and is a watchdog for decency—all passionately speaking about why the nations rage and our responsibility for such a time as this!

When and where can one go to be enriched by such truth and such speakers?

Sign up today for the June 2-4 conference at The Shack Country Inn! Don’t put it off; there are only 53 rooms left.

The godly top-notch speakers alluded to above are: 

Political mind: Dave Agema doing a Q and A with Bill Johnson
International Speaker and prolific author:Dr. Joel Beeke giving Sunday’s message
Praying pastors:Terry Slachter and Ron Workman bringing tender yet passionate messages
Pastor’s wife:Mary Beeke (wife of Dr. Joel Beeke) addressing the need of family reformation
Founder and president of the American Decency Association:Bill Johnson sharing his heart

God has brought all these (and hopefully you) together for this time of spiritual enrichment, teaching, and encouragement. This weekend is sure to be a time of blessing for all who join us.

Invite your friends; no one should miss out on this spiritually uplifting weekend combined with Christian fellowship. For more information about these speakers and the schedule for this amazing conference click here.

To register for the conference, call American Decency at 231-924-4050.

To book your rooms for the weekend, call The Shack at 231-924-6683; let them know you're with American Decency to receive our special rate. If you want to attend the conference but aren’t going to be staying at The Shack, registration is still necessary. Please call us at 231-924-4050.

To support our efforts please click here or mail your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), PO Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412. 

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