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New Zealand’s Trevor Loudon, author and producer of the documentary Enemies Within, has come and gone, but you can still hear his message of warning. Listen as he educates about the infiltration and danger that these “enemies within” have had and are having on our government, our society, and upon our personal lives. This event is over but the dangers are NOT!

Those who weren’t able to attend this event still need to be informed. Those who did attend have an obligation to educate and stir others to action, either in conversation or by sharing this event with others. Thanking the Lord for modern technology, we urge you to order either the CD ($5) or the DVD ($10) of our time with Trevor Loudon. These media include both the event and the Q and A time which followed. Order multiple copies to get this vital information into the hands of your friends and family members.

Don’t miss out on Trevor’s 30 plus years of study and his passionate warnings about communism, Islamic influence, and what you can do to help turn the tide. Listen as he admonishes us on how vital it is that we restore the Constitution. Then hear him say, “We have to win this thing peacefully…I want this to be the first bloodless counter-revolution in history; I don’t want to see a single drop of blood spilled. But by that same token, keep your guns and make sure you never give them up because they are your guarantee of liberty.

Folks, these are desperate times which call for desperate prayer. BUT we must put feet to our prayers by acting within the boundaries of our God-ordained government. By His sovereign grace we have been given a role to play; let us not shirk our duty. Mr. Loudon gives us some practical steps we can take, including—but not limited to—the use of social media to proclaim the truth and encourage our leaders to do what is right.

Don’t miss out on these timely words of warning and encouraging application. Order your “Connecting the Dots of the Enemies Within” CD ($5) or DVD ($10) by calling (231) 924-4050, or emailing, or clicking on the CD or DVD links.

And don’t miss out on our Spring Conference event at The Shack this June 2-4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Our theme this year is “Why do the nations rage?” taken from Psalm 2.

You won’t want to miss these speakers:

·         Pastor Ron Workman speaking to the question “Why do the nations rage?”

·         Former Republican National Committee Member Dave Agema in a Q and A with Bill Johnson as they talk about “The peoples plot in vain.”

·         Author Mary Beeke addressing the “Reformation of our families”

·         Bill Johnson sharing his heart on these matters

·         Head of Reaching America Ministries Terry Slachter pointing to “The Lord sits on His Holy Hill”

·         Two panel discussions (ADA staff and another with our speakers)

·         International speaker and president of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, author and pastor Dr. Joel Beeke will be closing out the weekend with a message on Sunday.

For a full account of this upcoming special event go to www.americandecency.orgor call 231-924-4050.

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