Two New Groups to Help You Help America
Author: Steven Huston  

Pastors and laity both need to be informed and both need to take a stand for such a time as this! All who care about our nation, all who care about religious and other liberties, pay close attention to the two organizations which we are sharing with you today. There is much that is good and helpful for those in the pulpit and for those in the pew.

The Honorable Sam Rohrer, former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is the president of the American Pastor’s Network. On this site there is something for everyone. They speak to political issues as well as to spiritual issues; after all, these two things are strongly tied together. This website contains a radio program called Stand in the Gap Today, addressing current issues from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective. In like manner they have a Stand in the Gap Weekendedition with topics like: “America’s #1 Enemy,” “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” “The Founding Fathers on Immigration,” “Uncovering the Truth About Refugee Resettlement,” and A Christian’s Perspective on Radical Islamic Terrorism” just to name a few. As if that weren’t enough, they also offer a Stand In The Gap Minute.  Here’s one example of the minute: Living Godly Produces Persecution

Interested in learning more about this group? Check out this news articlefrom Breitbart or this articlefrom Center for Security Policy. Listen to this interviewwith Frank Gaffney from Secure Freedom Radio as he discusses some of these issues with Sam Rohrer.

This interview sets the stage for the next website we are encouraging you to check out.

In the past, we’ve warned of the insidious nature of the interfaith dialogue movement. It’s sponsored and exploited by the Muslim Brotherhood and is being used as a prime vehicle for a pro-shariah supremacist Islamic agenda worldwide. This movement and its “clerics for hire” would have us believe that all gods are equal, Allah is the same as the Judeo-Christian God, and in many cases that the Muslim Brotherhood and radical jihadism is peaceful and similar to religions normally viewed in America. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of (so they say).

This movement puts our freedoms at risk and subverts clear thinking of our governmental leaders and upon society at large. Taking a stand against these attacks on our religious and other liberties, Faith Leaders for Americahas been formed.

Their missionreads, in part: “Faith Leaders for America are clerics of various religious beliefs who share a common commitment to freedom – freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the other liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.

We oppose those who seek to restrict our freedoms on the grounds that we cannot offend their faith.

Specifically, Faith Leaders for America is an effort to assist the clergy of America in promoting real tolerance and freedom of religion in the face of the intolerant and repressive agenda of Islamic supremacists. This is made the more urgent because of inroads that Muslim Brotherhood front groups, mosques and other Islamist organizations are making in into our nation’s religious life, communities and national fabric.

We reject intolerance promoted in the guise of tolerance.”

Faith Leaders for America has also written an open letter to President Trump supporting his restrictions on immigration from certain countries. In the interview mentioned above, Sam Rohrer well explains the different Scriptural definitions of “stranger” and clearly shows that President Trump’s actions in this matter are constitutionally correct, historically sound, and Biblically correct.

We urge you to read this open letterand if you are in agreement, sign it.

We must remember that we have only been given a short reprieve, a gift from God to act in the best interest of our nation and in promoting His Scriptural will. We dare not waste such a precious gift; let us act NOW. It’s ours to educate, inform, and stir others on to holy action.

By that we mean, yes — hold the feet of our government to the fire; urge them to act in the best interest of our nation. But we also mean,— live out a holy life; walk after the Spirit, not after the flesh.Educate, inform, and stir our families to know the difference between the holy and the profane. Talk to our churches about the necessity of accurate Biblical exegesis but also impress upon them the importance of holy application too.

When reading the Word of God, don’t stop thinking or meditating on it until the answer to “What does that look like?” is given.

That’s why these two groups are vital today. They are promoting the safety of our nation and a firm commitment to Biblical truth. To learn more about Faith Leaders for America, read this article and watch the launch video.

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