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Trevor Loudon will be here in just 5 short days (This Saturday)!

Many people are familiar with George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. It’s a political tale that shows the dangers of communism. The farm animals ran cruel farmer Jones off his property and took over the farm. The pigs took charge; they painted seven commandments on the end of the barn; the other animals worked hard, and the pigs did business with the outside world. In the end, all things were done for the benefit of the ruling class (the pigs) at the laborious expense of the other animals.  Such a short summary leaves out many details; but be warned, the communistic details of the story Animal Farm are being written out within our government and within our society today.

Trevor Loudon clearly blows a trumpet of warning regarding the infiltration of communism within our government and its strongholds that are found among people of all ages within our society today. It’s a great privilege to have him speak at the American Decency headquarters (203 E. Main St., Fremont, MI) on Saturday, March 18—at 7 PM. Sign up NOW

Everyone’s schedule seems to be filled with “important” activities and events; but what is more important than your future and the futures of your children and grandchildren?  What’s more important than the God-given liberties that our Constitution has protected for so long? What’s more important than guarding against the undoing of our Constitution, stopping the erosion of morals in our nation, and  the refusing to hand over our freedoms and the prosperity that so many courageous men and women have fought for and  died to protect? Other than our eternal soul, NOTHING! Therefore we urge you:make time for this event. Come; learn; and leave with a conviction to act on your new-found knowledge. Our auditorium seating is now filled but there are still a limited number of seats left in our overflow area. Don’t miss out; sign up NOW to reserve your seat for March 18 at 7 PM—that’s only 5 short days away!

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In Animal Farm, as time progressed, the gap between the ruling class and the working class grew wider. The benefits of the pigs increased proportionately to the wearisome loss and burden of the other animals. The commandments were changed little by little to accommodate the agenda of the pigs and their desire to take on the previously despised human vices and manners. Finally, the seven commandments became just one: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

We’ve seen our government attempt to change (or just ignore) the “commandments” of our Constitution frequently. President Obama complained of how the founding fathers made it hard to bring about the change he desired. The courts have not been ruling by the law but illegally legislating from the bench. (Read our recent article here) And Congress has been complicit in circumnavigating the Constitution on numerous occasions both actively and passively. The Constitution gives the federal government a list of enumerated powers. Whenever the government (any of its branches) acts outside those powers, they are acting illegally and usurping power which does not belong to them.

“All men are created equal,” says the Declaration of Independence. “But some men are more equal than others,” says the government when Congress passes legislation that is “good” for the people, yet they exempt themselves from those very same “good” laws. A ruling class has been created before our very eyes and the communism of Animal Farm has been written into our government, read, and approved.

As federal courts overturn the will of the people, forcing their own judicial will upon the states, they essentially are saying, “(We) would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?” Squealer, of Animal Farm, explained this to the animals about their beloved leader, Napoleon. A form of communistic rule has been written into our courts, the branch of the people (Congress) has read it, and has been apathetically complicit with its implementation. The late Justice Scalia called this “social transformation without representation”.

When bakers, florists, fire chiefs, and various others lose their positions and livelihood—facing fines and/or jail—for standing on conviction or for speaking the truth, we see these words of “Animal Farm” being written in to our society: “They had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes.” The voices of truth and reason are becoming silenced as the voice of degradation and communistic influence prevails.

Will we sit idly by or will we learn how to identify the problem and act. Will we pray to the God of heaven, pleading for His mercy and His wisdom? Will we take advantage of this learning opportunity that God has given us through Trevor Loudon’s 30 plus years of research or will we cling to our ignorance as America is led into obscurity as well as moral and fiscal bankruptcy?

Are you aware of this fact? Although there are less than 20,000 U.S. communists, socialists and extreme “progressives,” they are able to influence our politicians and even write the laws that control the lives of over 300 million Americans. Many in our government are tied to and under obligation to various groups of communists.

This is what Trevor Loudon has spent his life researching and exposing.

Sign up NOW to reserve your seat for Saturday,March 18 at 7 PM! Tell your friends, family, and church about this important and informative event. Urge them to attend. Encourage others to pray with you for this event and its speaker, Trevor Loudon. Pray for our nation; following God’s direction, add feet to those prayers by acting in obedience to His instruction.

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Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”  So ends the tale of Animal Farm; and if we do not take action against the communism which is becoming so rampant in our government and acceptable in our society, so ends the story of The United States of America. Pray that God will—by His sovereign will—give us a different end. May He graciously grant to us the gifts of conviction and repentance, reviving our hearts and the heart of our nation to salvation and liberty.

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